The Key Benefits to Virtual Organizing

Virtual organizing

Virtual organizing is a new and growing trend in the downsizing and organizing industry. It’s not ideal for everyone who needs assistance in downsizing and organizing but great for many. Here are some of the benefits that can be realized through virtual organizing.

It saves time and money

Like any other professional service the cost of employing traditional assistance to downsize and organize can be outside of your budget. Virtual organizingVirtual organizing is less costly for several reasons. There are no travel costs for a professional organizer to get to your location.

With virtual organizing you are working with one fully trained professional organizer rather than having a team of 2 or more come to your home. Typically, we work in shorter time blocks resulting in less cost to you.

We run on your schedule

Regardless of the way we communicate, our hours are more available to our clients as we are not in traffic or on site at a daylong job. With sessions typically lasting only one hour it is easier to set a time to meet electronically.

Less pressure on you, the client

On many of our initial consultations we know you may be embarrassed with the state of your home. With virtual organizing we are seeing and working on only the part of your home that is currently giving you grief and that you want to work on.

It’s a good first step

For those that are hesitant about hiring a professional organizer, a virtual organizing session can give you an idea, at less cost, of how we work. Virtual organizing It will also allow you to get to know your professional organizer. After all, to be really effective you need to be able to trust and work well with anybody you hire.

You may realize that virtual organizing is not really your thing and therefore may require a traditional session with on site staff. Conversely, you may find that virtual organizing is the way you want to continue.

It is available to everyone

At ClutterBGone we have received a lot of inquiries from people outside of our traditional service area. We strive to service everyone who contacts us but in some cases unfortunately they are just too far away.

This new service allows us to serve anybody who requires our service regardless of where they are located.

Virtual organizing may not be for everybody but it is available to everyone. Contact us here to find out more and how we can assist you virtually!