It’s “Clean Out Your Closet Week”

Closet 1

The second week of March is “Clean Out Your Closet Week” and what better time to do so when the temperatures are on the rise and spring is just around the corner. Time to switch things up in the closet and get ready for the warmer months ahead.

Here are a few questions to ask your self about your clothing as you pare down and change over.

Does it fit?

I mean does it really fit? Don’t keep something just in case you lose those few pounds that you’ve been planning on doing for a while unless you are actively engaged in an exercise program with clear goals and objectives.

Don’t forget that a fashionable piece of clothing can look terrible on somebody if the fit is poor.

Will you ever wear it again?

Did you buy that special outfit for New Years Eve and know you won’t have a use for it again? We all do it.

Closet 2

We buy something for those special parties and wouldn’t be caught dead in it again at next year’s event. You’d be surprised just what you may be able to get for it at a consignment shop or one of those on line community groups or large scale consignment events. Why not get a little cash if you can?

Is it looking worn or ragged?

Take a real hard look at it. If you really are going to wear or use it again and it can be fixed for a reasonable fee than set it aside and get it in for repair. Don’t put if off any longer or it will make its way to the back of the closet again for another year. Unless you’re going for that worn look that includes scuffed up shoes, ripped tops and thread bare jeans, get it fixed or toss it out. Not even donation centres want your clothing if it’s stained, damaged or badly worn.

When did you wear it last?

Does this item look like you’ve had it since high school? I know styles come and go but if you’ve had an item for over a year and haven’t used it then it’s time to find it a new home. Some styles are timeless and I know some of you have a few classic pieces in your closet. However, the vast majority of you don’t and you know it.

Do I know anyone that could use this?

If you’re in the giving mood I’m sure you know somebody that could use it. Perhaps a friend, a relative or a neighbour is close to your size and would love to make use of what you cannot use anymore.

organized closet 3

Maybe you’ve lost a bit of weight or perhaps gained a bit over the last year. Once you come to grips with this is how you’re going to be it doesn’t mean the item can’t be used by someone else that would truly appreciate it.

What can I do with all the stuff I don’t need?

There are so many options of disposal when you have items you no longer need or want. Most charities would jump at the chance to take these items off your hands. I personally like to give to the not for profit charities so I know the value of the donations are maximized.

Every city and town has a couple of great consignment shops that will take your gently used items and share the proceeds with you. Most communities also now have groups on Facebook or check out where you can sell to people in your own area. There are lots of different opportunities to sell or donate items you no longer require.

Clean out your closet week has been timed to coincide with the changing of the seasons. Take this opportunity to clean out your closet, get a fresh start and stay organized. Help is just a phone call or email away. Contact me here to learn how we can help you get and stay organized.