clutter affecting relationships

Is Clutter Affecting Your Relationships?

A messy home interior can have a profound impact on your life in more ways than you realize. Is the clutter wreaking havoc on the relationships you value the most?

Romantic Relationships

Even if you have a tolerance for clutter and enjoy collecting things, the same might not be true for your partner. Perhaps they are a minimalist, for example, who likes everything in its place.

When one person is unhappy in the living environment, it affects the entire household. The pandemic only enhanced those differences as some people stockpiled toilet paper and other items.

This relationship issue involves respecting one another’s comfort levels and making compromises, such as keeping clutter contained in a single room. Or, work together to eliminate the excess possessions, only keeping those that are significant or useful.

Letting go of belongings can be painful for some people, given the memories attached to the items. ClutterBGone understands it’s possible to declutter with compassion.

Your Relationship with Yourself

The clutter can also be creating anxiety and stress within. That can negatively affect your emotional well-being.

For example, you might find your mind wandering while trying to do an activity at home as you look around at piles of paper or other messes. Thinking about what and how to organize things can make it hard to focus on the task at hand, which makes you less productive.

Also, having things out of place can make you feel a loss of control and incompetent. On the other hand, organizing items and decluttering can be liberating and boost self-esteem.

Work Relationships

When you look at your desk, do you see clutter? If so, you might want to clear it up to make a better impression on your boss.

A clean desk shows that you are on top of projects and able to organize effectively. That might just get you the promotion sooner rather than interfering with your career.

Clearing up clutter also clears up space mentally for you to focus on work tasks. That can help you feel more confidant and at ease when interacting with co-workers.

decluttering as self care

Decluttering as Self-Care

When you look at the impact on your relationships that clutter can have, it becomes clear that decluttering is a form of self-care. In other words, ridding your home and workspace of excess items can be good for your health and well-being.

It can reduce anxiety, improve productivity, and reduce arguments with your spouse over messes. Overall, you can look forward to living a more satisfying life. But, sometimes, you need guidance to get there.

That’s where the ClutterBGone team comes in. A professional organizer can help you stay motivated through the process, meet goals, and move forward at a comfortable pace. Get tips based on what has worked well with clients in the past.

Together with the organizer, form a tailored plan for your lifestyle and unique home. Reach out today to start to manage clutter in a way that works for your household. Doing so can help relationships and better the home overall.