repurposing home items

Inventive Ways to Reorganize with Things You Already Own

One of your goals this year might be to cut back on spending or create a new budget. One of the drawbacks you might envision is not getting as many new possessions. But with a bit of creativity, you can enjoy a sense of “new” by repurposing things you already own for organization.

Spare Ice Cube Trays

They might just be sitting in a drawer, and you’ve been tempted to toss them. But extra ice cube trays can come in handy for purposes other than creating ice for your drinks.

For example, you make DIY dishwasher tabs using the plastic compartments. Or use the trays to freeze fresh herbs and bring them out to enhance your homemade dishes.

herbs in ice cube trays

Mason Jars

After you’ve eaten the food that came in the mason jar, why not use it for a different purpose? You might organize your stationery supplies, such as paper clips, binder clips, and thumbtacks, in them.

Another option is to use the jars as a baking dish. Yes, you can make custom desserts in them, including mini cakes.

An Old Rake

Look through your gardening shed to see what is there to repurpose. That old rake takes on new meaning when you turn it into a jewelry organizer.

Start by cleaning it and then hang the head of the rake by a nail on the bedroom wall. Easily display your necklaces and bracelets as they fit easily over each of the tines.

Lunch Boxes

Your kids’ old lunch boxes don’t have to sit in the closet collecting dust anymore. Bring them out and fill them with items you’ve wanted to organize better.

For example, one lunch kit might be for your chargers, while another one could hold instruction manuals. Put a label on the side of each one, so you know exactly what’s in it, making finding something when you need it a lot easier.

Sink Drying Rack

Who knew you could find another use for this rubber rack than to put dishes and cutlery to dry? Here’s a new way to put your old drying rack to good use in the home office.

Start by using the utensil caddy to hold pens and pencils. Then, place file folders in each plate holder, where they stay wonderfully organized!


You might have a pile of empty planters, but what do you do with them? If you’ve been hesitant to toss them, that’s great because now you can repurpose them for home organizations.

Begin by cleaning and painting them with bold colors. Then, take them to your bathroom and fill them with different cosmetics. One planter could hold makeup brushes, while another is for lipsticks. They’re easy to grab during your daily beauty routine.

Getting Creative Around the Home

These projects help you tidy the home and find new uses for items rather than buying new ones. Not only are reusing things easier on your wallet but it is also eco-friendly. Our professionals have more great ideas like these ones to help you get more organized at home, so feel free to reach out to us for more solutions!