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How to Declutter Your Home Like a Professional

If the idea of decluttering one or more rooms in your house overwhelms you and you’re not sure where to begin, this guide is for you. Our professionals provide insights into how best to organize areas of the home that are prone to clutter, such as the pantry.

Sort the Pantry

When the kitchen pantry is well-organized, you can see right away what you have and what needs replenishing, from rice to pasta and cereal. That means you will be more likely to use everything and save money because you won’t buy duplicates.

When you start to put things away after a grocery trip, our experts encourage you to group similar items. For example, put the pasta into one basket or bin, and stack soups in another area of the pantry. That will make it easier to find what you’re looking for at mealtime.

decluttering home

Improve the Kitchen

One of the busiest rooms is the kitchen, which means it can get cluttered quickly. Sort your kitchen utensils drawer easily by using an expandable utensil holder. Create a long drawer organizer for a second drawer that holds serving utensils, can and wine openers, meat thermometers, and scissors.

Each drawer ought to serve a specific purpose and functionality, as per our organizational pros. So, one drawer could be for baking prep, another one for pots and pans, another for bowls and plates, etc.

We can also help you determine how best to use cabinets above the stove and other places that might be awkward to reach. Add storage space by making use of vertical space, such as a wall by the oven where you hang pots.

Tidy the Bedrooms

There are a lot of places to tackle in bedrooms, whether it is a child’s room or the master. There is the closet area to sort, as well as dresser drawers and beneath the bed. You might also need different zones within the bedroom, such as an office nook or kids’ play area.

In your closet, make it easier to find what you’re looking for in the mornings by colour-coding hanging items. For example, group yellow clothes together, red ones together, and so on.

Hang a dry-cleaning bag in the closet too that you can easily add items to as you wear them that need cleaning. Keep a donation bag in the closet too that you can fill over time with clothing you don’t wear anymore, rather than putting stress on yourself to do it all in one sitting.

decluttering home

Organize the Bathrooms

A great way to remove clutter from bathroom counters is using trays to group items while keeping them easily within reach. As for the under-the-sink area, use clear containers to sort things according to their purpose, such as “shaving” and “hair products.”

If there are no shelves in your bathroom, a tiered shower caddy provides an easy way to keep items organized. Keeping items there rather than at the side of the bathtub also prevents mildew from forming beneath bottles.

Create more usable room too with an over-the-toilet shelving unit. Add baskets to keep things tidy or conceal personal care items that you use regularly but don’t necessarily want guests to see, such as deodorant.

Reach out to us for help with your decluttering project, whether it is one of the areas described above or another part of your home. We offer in-person and virtual services for your convenience.