emotions of downsizing home

How to Deal with the Emotions When Downsizing

Moving to a smaller home makes sense for many seniors and others, and the best time to do so is often when the property upkeep becomes more of a burden than anything else. The transition can bring up several emotions, including sadness, stress, and anxiety. This guide intends to help you cope with the feelings when downsizing.

Home Sweet Home

A home is an emotionally charged place. It is where you may have raised kids, and it no doubt holds many memories. Thus, it makes sense that dealing with emotions relating to the space can be difficult.

As the Memories Come Flooding Back

To help you overcome emotional challenges that hold back the downsizing process, consider thinking differently about the memories. When deciding whether to keep or donate belongings representing the past, an array of emotions is likely to surface.

As you look at each thing, take the time to reminisce. Recognize that letting go of the item will not fade the associated memory. Some people find that taking a photo of the things they do not keep is helpful, especially when printed and put into an album to look at whenever they want to recollect past times.

It is also okay to grieve what has happened over time as you go through the belongings. Being authentic with yourself is crucial.

Coping with What Others Think

Some people we help with downsizing have worried what those around them will think of their moving to a smaller house. Feelings of inadequacy and incompetence in others’ eyes might arise.

If this sounds familiar, think about what is best for you now, not what others think of you. Living in a smaller space can be necessary for many reasons, such as mobility and finances.

Moving Stress

Moving can be stressful. From packing items to cleaning rooms and signing papers, there is a lot to keep track of in your mind.

To help you manage the stress better, a checklist of what needs to happen and an associated timeline of when each task needs to be done is helpful. Also, recognize you don’t have to do it alone. Enlist the help of your partner, friend, or professional to help you through each step.

Afraid of What is to Come

When looking at the next chapter, the unknowns can feel scary. You might be downsizing to a senior home, for example, where you’ve never been before.

To help ease the associated anxiety, consider working with an organizing expert at ClutterBGone. We have helped many people downsize over the years. When the emotions become overwhelming, we can help guide the process according to a timeline that works best for you.

For example, we can create a clear plan with you and break it down into small steps. One by one, the organizer will go through the steps with you to help you stay on track and feel in control.

Having an objective person involved can ensure you maintain the focus to downsize successfully. While closing a life chapter means leaving behind a specific time, starting a new phase in a smaller space can be liberating and bring a sense of hope. Contact us today for a free consultation about decluttering and downsizing your home.