clutter and stress

How Clutter May Be Causing Your Anxiety

If you look around at piles of paper or a messy room and feel tired, cranky, or on edge, you are likely feeling anxious. Why? The clutter is the source of your discomfort. There are many ways that clutter causes anxiety and stress.

Feeling Sensory Overload

The body’s senses can be over-stimulated in certain environments. When this happens, it overwhelms the central nervous system and makes it difficult to process what is happening around you.

This issue could be what is happening as you look out on the clutter at home. It could be that there are too many visual stimuli for your brain to process, which leads you to feel drained.

Unsure Where to Start

If you know you want to clear out the clutter, that’s great, but what if you’re unsure how to start doing that? This uncertainty can bring about anxiety.

If you find yourself worrying, then you are likely experiencing the frustration of not having a set plan. Feeling helpless can intensify anxiety as you do not feel in control.

The Distraction of Clutter

Have you ever walked into a room that has excess stuff and forgotten why you went in there in the first place? It is probably because the clutter has distracted you.

This happens when the mess causes you to lose focus. Then you lose time and motivation for the original task, which only intensifies tension in the body and mind.

The Guilt

Another common reaction to seeing clutter is feeling guilty. The thought that you ought to be more organized might pass through your mind.

Or, you might feel like you are failing as a parent or spouse because the home is not clean and functional. Guilt is exhausting to live with regularly.

It’s the Reaction, Rather than the Clutter Itself

When you look at what’s happening, it’s your reaction to the clutter rather than the mess itself that is triggering the anxiety. If you walk into a messy area and think to yourself that you know where everything is and are going to have a productive day, then it’s not an issue.

But if you look around and feel like you cannot find what you need, then it’s likely to trigger anxiety. You might also worry about others judging you for having a messy home.

clutter causes anxiety

How Clutter can Accumulate

When thinking about the mess at home, are you reflecting on how the clutter happened in the first place? It likely built over time without your realizing it, or you underwent a major transition in life, such as having a baby or moving to a new house.

De-cluttering to Reduce Anxiety and Stress

Rather than waiting for the perfect time to come to clear away the clutter, start now to take small steps to alleviate the worry and stress that seems to follow you through the home. Even spending one hour a week tidying the house can make a difference to not only the aesthetic appeal of the place but your mind as well.

Our professional organizers can help you with the de-cluttering process. Whether it is a room, garage, closet, home office, or another area that is draining your energy, we are happy to provide effective ways to eliminate clutter.