Are You Holding On To Items For Others?

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At ClutterBGone we see a lot of instances where parents are holding onto belongings for other family members. Sometimes there’s a good reason for doing so like a move is in progress or a family member is going through a life transition such as a divorce and is in between homes. But most of the time we find that you, as a parent,are holding onto items for your kids thinking they will want them eventually or when you pass.

The challenge is that you may be looking to downsize and don’t want to, nor should you take these items with you when you move. A bigger challenge is that your kids truly don’t want these items anyway, you just think (hope) they do.

Are those items really worth something?

You think your possessions are worth something and that somebody will want them but the truth is that the value may be largely sentimental or subjective.

Will your kids really want them?

These days, homes are much smaller and people are living more of a minimalist, easily transitioned life and space is at a premium. organizing services GTAStyles change too and the older, builier, larger furniture and the formal dining sets just don’t fit into today’s lifestyle. Now is a great time to separate what will be accepted and what won’t.

What should you do?

Talk to your kids now to determine what items they really want and will use. Any items you currently use can be tagged with their names on the bottom or make a list and give a copy to everyone involved to ensure your stuff goes to the right individual. We have used these methods many times in the past.

Now that you know what items are wanted and welcome by your family, you are left with a list or pile of items that are not claimed. You have many opportunities to enrich someone else’s life with these items. Donate them to a charity where they will get some use. Sell them and donate the money to a favourite charity. Or simply sell or consign them and treat yourself to something nice.

It’s OK to let it go

You’ve been hanging onto stuff for a while now. It’s OK to let them go. You’ve gotten the enjoyment and value out of them and that is all that matters. organizing services GTAAs we age we all tend to move into smaller living spaces. Don’t don’t yourself through the stress and anxiety and force yourself into crammed quarters and pay to have items moved that you just aren’t going to use anymore.

You may not always understand why others don’t value your heirlooms the way you do, but that’s OK. You have the memories and I’m sure you don’t want to burden your loved ones with items that they won’t use either.

At ClutterBGone we have assisted many clients with this same dilemma and have lots of solutions to challenging situations. Contact us here to see how we can assist you.