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Here’s What to Toss from Each Room in Your Home

When you want to declutter around the house, this list is the one for you! Find the common things that people hold onto that no longer serve a purpose or get used. By the way, when we say to “toss it,” we mean that you donate, give to a loved one, sell, or, if it is broken, throw away or recycle. Now, let’s go room by room.

Decluttering the Bedroom

Starting with the clothing, toss anything that is too small, old, or outdated. Also, remove any pieces that are torn if you don’t plan to mend them.

Then, go through your jewelry, following the same process. Repeat for purses, shoes, and ties.

If the room still looks clutter after this is done, look around and see if there is anything that doesn’t look like it belongs. Ideally, you only want items relating to sleeping and dressing in the bedroom.

decluttering the bedroom

Over to the Kitchen

The kitchen can be tough to keep clutter-free given how much you use it, from cooking to eating and entertaining. With so many purposes, it also requires storing a lot of different items there.

When going through the cupboards, remove dishes and glassware that you don’t use. While you might keep them thinking you’ll use them one day, if you haven’t touched them in two years, then they’ve got to go.

When it comes to plastic containers, the lids without matching bottoms can go immediately. As for your dishtowels and rags, it’s time to part with the ones that are torn or stained.

The pantry needs organizing too! Toss what is outdated or donate what you don’t use that is still good. Also, if you have a small appliance you use only once a year, why not give it up for another appliance you have that gets more use and can do the same job?

Clearing the Bathroom Clutter

The bathroom easily accumulates stuff, and some of it won’t be missed when it’s removed. For example, the expired medications in the back of the cabinet that you forgot about can be tossed. Especially since using them now could be dangerous.

You might also notice that you have multiples of the same thing, such as soap and shampoo. Consider throwing away the ten excess bars of soap or changing shampoo so that everyone in the family uses the same bottle.

As for makeup, toss anything outdated, or that doesn’t suit you. Rather than feeling guilty about getting rid of expensive things you don’t use, you’re simplifying your morning routine by not having to look through dozens of products to find one to use.

Organizing your bathroom

In the Family Room

This room gets a lot of use, so it’s one to go through and declutter regularly. If you have a pile of old newspapers and magazines, for example, they’re going to go, as are puzzles and games with missing pieces.

As for CDs and movies you only play every few years or don’t work, they can go too. If you are keeping them because you feel like you’re throwing away money, try selling them instead or learn from it and think twice the next time you want to make a purchase you don’t necessarily need.

Want more tips? Reach out to us today! Give us a call for the help of a professional organizer who can help you reduce clutter in a way that feels comfortable to you.