Get Your Children Organized For Life

Many parents let out a sigh of relief when the kids went back to school. We love them but after a couple of months of entertaining them and being around the house so much we appreciate our kids being back in school.

Many of you thought of tackling the disorganization in their rooms while they are in school, however with work, chores, shopping and the hundreds of other things that come up in our busy days we just don’t have the time. Why not teach them to organize themselves?

Give Them Credit

Kids are smarter than we give them credit for. Get them involved in keeping a neat, organized room at an early kids It will get them in the habit for later in life and give you a little help in keeping the whole home neater.

Give Them Cash

One way to help them decide what to keep and what needs to go is to hold a family yard sale. Let your child decide what he or she has outgrown. All the proceeds from the sale of each child’s items goes to that child. Together you can decide what will be done with the funds. Buy new, age appropriate items, invest in an education saving account or whatever you both decide.

Charity Begins At Home

Many other families can benefit from the items that your children have outgrown. Both gently used toys and clothes are always in need in every community. charitable-kids-that-giveExplain to your children how these items will be used and take your kids with you to the donation centre encouraging them to hand over the toys to the representative at the centre.

Explain to your kids what happens to the items and how they will be used again by another family and other children in need.

Display The Memories

Shadow boxes are becoming very popular for items to be showcased to remind us of loved ones or special times in our lives.

Instead of keeping old baby clothes and items that will never be used again stored away in containers, have your child go through these items with you and select a few things that mean something special to them. Showcase them in a shadow box that can be displayed in their room or elsewhere in the house rather than piled up (probably getting damaged) on the floor or in a box, rarely to be seen.

You will be surprised at how much your kids will appreciate being able to see their treasures displayed, even later in life.

Give Them The “Atta Boys”

Praise goes a long way and we all appreciate it.atta boy Regardless of whether their standards of cleaning and organizing reach your level or not, heap on the praise for a job well done. It will act as encouragement to your kids to organize and to continue with the maintenance of staying organized. This will prevent them from just giving up at some point and returning to the way things were.


Lead By Example

Finally, our children are always learning and the best way to learn is by example. Don’t expect your children to stay organized if you do not. If you want their room kept neat and orderly ensure yours is too and they will work to impress you and be just like you.

Children learn adult lessons all through life and by teaching them to be neat and organized early on will help them be that way later in life. A bonus is that it will definately reduce your work around the house too!

If you need assistance with your children in getting their rooms organized we can help. Contact us here for more information.