How To Get Your Car Organized and Decluttered Now

car-trunkTo many people, their car is a statement. Your car can be an extension of yourself and in fact tells others about you, your character, style, and personality. To others, their car is an investment. In either case, a car is a big-ticket purchase that you want to take care of in order to obtain the best possible sale or trade in value.

We’re taking more with us in the car and so are our passengers. Phones, tablets, books, etc. As a result, you want to keep your car’s contents organized, functional and accessible. Let’s look at some ideas and tools to get your car organized.

Starting the car organizing process

Pick a good weather day and roll out a small tarp or blanket on your lawn or driveway. Begin by removing everything out of your car (don’t forget the trunk, behind the visors and all compartments throughout your vehicle). Place everything out on the tarp or blanket.

Keep an open trash bag on hand as well so you can place any trash you come across immediately in the bag.  Also have on hand an empty bin that you can label “Put back in the house” in which you will place any items that originated from there and should be returned.  This would include coffee mugs, food containers, etc. Once everything is out on the tarp, take a photo. You will likely be amazed at how much “stuff” was living in your vehicle without your knowledge.

Categories are cool

This next stage of organizing your car is like a game of “match” as you will be sorting like items with like items.  For instance, place all tools together, DVD’s in another pile, paper in yet another and continue this process until you have put everything in a category, like items with like items.

If you find any maps I suggest you check the dates for relevancy.  My rule of thumb is that any map over 3 years old has likely changed and may not be worth using on your next road trip unless you are looking to take an unscheduled detour. If you have a GPS system or use your phone as one, a map may no longer be necessary. This would also be a good time to update your GPS system.

Once everything is in a category begin to revisit your piles and start purging. Think about the essential items you need in your vehicle all the time. For instance, if your work requires your car to be your office as well, you may need certain office supplies. If you regularly drive kids to and from school, perhaps you may want to carry a supply of wet wipes or snacks.

Remove items that are obsolete and out dated, broken or damaged. Multiples of items should be addressed and should not be kept unless there is something special or unique about them in terms of size or shape.

Organize and corral

Now it’s time to corral all your piles.  Using separate bins and crates, load your categories of items into the best sized container. Corralling items in your trunk will save you time and frustration scrounging around in there when you are looking for something. An orderly car is less frustrating and more efficient than disorganized chaos. Don’t forget to plan a regular schedule for cleaning out your vehicle to maintain the state of organization.

The “kids” stuff

I recently received a terrific car organizer from Bearoy and boy do I wish I had one of these a few years ago. They have thought of everything. This organizer fits around the front seat of your car without any impediment to the person seated up front.

bearoy-car-organizerThis product will not only keep your kids entertained during drives but will also keep the back of your seats clean, drink temperatures maintained and keep everything organized.

The best thing I liked about this car organizer is the ability to insert a tablet into the compartment that has a clear touch-screen window so the tablet stays in place and the screen stays clean. Pockets are there for hot or cold drinks, snacks and has enough pockets for earphones, pens, and other items. There are two carabiners to keep keys from getting lost.

This very affordable, waterproof, polyester organizer will look great in any car and snaps off and rolls up when not needed. To view more details, simply click here. If you would like to purchase this organizer, go to Buy the Bearoy.  One of the best car organizers I’ve seen in a long time!

If you’re planning to travel over the Thanksgiving or Christmas holidays now is the time to get your car organized and ready for every trip. Even without holiday travel, keep your car organized for day to day use and your daily trips with the kids will be much more enjoyable!

Drive organized!