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Fun Ways to Get Your Kids Organized at Home

Teaching your kids how to stay organized at home can be difficult for many parents. To help them be more interested in cleaning their room and keeping it that way, make the activity more fun with these ideas.

Laundry Basketball Hoop

An over-the-door basketball hoop turns cleaning up from a chore into a game. Putting an affordable hoop on the bedroom door lets them dunk the dirty laundry into the hamper below it. Swoosh!

If they have fun doing this task, they are more likely to do it. That helps eliminate piles of clothes on the floor and makes doing laundry easier as it’s already in the basket.

By the way, the hoop doesn’t have to go on the back of their bedroom door. Instead, you could mount it on the wall or the closet door.

The ‘How Fast’ Game

Toddlers love playing with their toys, but when it comes to putting them away afterward, they’re likely more resistant to it than you would have hoped. Try the “How Fast” game to get their help if you’re tired of cleaning up by yourself.

The game is exactly how it sounds. It involves kids picking up their toys and putting them into a bin or other storage area as fast as possible. The excitement of trying to do it quickly is surely enough to entice them to follow your lead and put the scattered items away.

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Turn On the Tunes

Music has a great way of energizing the spirit and lifting moods. So, helping your kids get more involved in organizing at home might be easier when you turn on (and up) some upbeat songs.

Just make sure that they are songs that your children want to listen to. If you’re not sure, ask them! Getting them involved in creating the family music playlist helps them feel they are contributing to the family, and then listening to the tunes will be extra special for them.

Once the music is on, start on the project together. Perhaps you want to declutter and organize your kid’s stuffed animals or the clothes they’ve grown out of in the closet. If your little one starts to get bored, remind them of a favourite song that hasn’t been played yet, to help them keep going.

30-Minute Cleanups

Rather than continually asking your children to cleanup, you might find that scheduling 30-minute cleanup sessions with them once a week makes more sense. It might be Saturdays, for example, when you’re all home from school and work.

With the whole family cleaning up at home simultaneously, the activity can go much quicker than doing it alone. Explaining this logic to the kids can help them put in the effort as they know it won’t be that long.

Then, the rest of the day is for fun activities, such as soccer in the backyard, baking cookies in the kitchen, or something else.

Getting Organized

Are you looking for more ways to get your kids involved in decluttering and organizing the home? We have a lot more creative ideas to help you. Organizing is a great habit to instill in kids that will help them greatly as they grow up.