Essential Tools And Tips To Organize Your Home Office

Running your home-based business is a tough job and staying organized as an entrepreneur can be even harder. Having the right tools and supplies will make your day more productive and organized which in turn makes your business more profitable.

Here are a few suggestions to get your office organized and on track.


Organizing a work station is always a priority. However starting out in your own business can cost a few bucks. Before heading out to your office supply store take a look around the house and see what can be re-used.

A card table you have sitting down in your basement can be re-used as a desk for the time being. An old dining room chair can be used for seating until you feel ready to invest in a new chair. There is probably an extra lamp around the house that can be re-purposed as well.

Remember that coffee mug the kids gave you for Father or Mother’s day? Voila! You now have a pen and pencil holder to organize your writing instruments. The lid of a file folder box can serve quite well as an “In” box to keep you incoming documents and mail organized and contained.

In the desk vs. on the desk

Which items do you keep in the drawer and which do you keep on the desk? Keep in mind that clear horizontal services are best for better productivity. Keep as much as possible out of sight unless you use the item on a daily basis. Having a clear, organized space for working will eliminate distractions and make you more productive.clean-desk

If you are a visual person, those projects and files that are currently active (meaning that you are actively working on them daily) can be organized in a desk top file folder organizer so you can easily see them and they also act as a visual reminder of work to be accomplished.

If you don’t have the desk space for this, invest in a hanging wall file folder organizer which works just as well and helps to keep your desk clear and organized.

The essential shredder

Unless you want your personal information scattered around the neighborhood invest in a good quality shredder or hire the services of a mobile shredding company. It is just as important to guard the privacy of your business as it is to guard your personal information.
Keep a bin handy and label it “shredding” so you have a container to hold your documents while you accumulate papers that you can let go.

The supply closet

Pens and paper are always used and always available but what about the seldom-used items? There is never a good time to run out of supplies especially when you need that item to complete an important project.

Invest in a good desk top labeller and label each shelf or container with the office supplies that belong there. Once the last one is used get your order in to your supplier so you will not be caught without. If your supply space is limited try keeping your supplies organized in clear plastic containers that can be stacked and ensure you label them too.

A daily “bible”

To be organized you need to invest in a good daily planner and write down everything you need to do, follow up on or everyone you need to meet with or call.

Closeup image of notepad with pen.

Review this every day first thing in the morning so you know what needs to be done during the day and cross off each task as you go. This gives you a sense of accomplishment and allows you to see how productive you are throughout the day.

Running your own home based business and office is challenging. Follow these tips to stay on course and organized.

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