easy DIY home office ideas for your home

Easy DIY Ideas for Your Home Office

These DIY projects are easy ones that you can do to organize a home office. Even if you don’t consider yourself very crafty, the ideas here are ones you’re sure to be able to pull off for a clutter-free work environment.

Office Supply Holder: Rethink the Spice Jar

Spice racks are great for organizing small things, and we’re not just talking about spices. Use them for different screws and bolts in the garage, for example. For your workspace, fill each one with a certain office supply.

Among the most common supplies are staples and rubber bands. Another spice jar could be for thumbtacks. Rotate the spice jar easily to find what you need. The rack is small enough to fit on your desk or a bookshelf. See, we told you these ideas are simple!

Chalkboard Paint Accent Wall

Are you continually looking for scraps of paper to write down to-do lists? Instead, apply a coat of chalkboard paint to one wall of the office and then write your to-do lists on there each day to make sure you’re always on top of tasks.

You can also create a colorful calendar in chalk and change it every month according to your schedule. Being able to erase and redo what you’ve written on the wall whenever you want is a powerful feeling. Plus, you always wanted to write on walls in the house when you were a kid, right?!

Hang Curtains to Hide Clutter

If you have built-in shelving along one wall or a wide bookcase, you might worry that everything on it makes the room look crowded. The problem is that you need easy access to the papers, books, and other items stored on it. So, what to do?

The answer is to hang a curtain rod and curtains in front of it. This is a genius trick for instantly concealing items to give a cleaner look to the workspace. Draw the curtains shut and open them to retrieve something from a shelf easily.

Give Kitchen Glasses a New Life

If your kitchen shelves are overloaded with glassware, but they’re too cute for you to part with, then bring them into the home office instead. Fill one of them with pens and another with pencils, scissors, and other supplies that fit easily in them.

You can see what’s in each one and grab what you need during the workday. Again, this is a straightforward way to stay organized, and it looks stylish too!

organized papers

Organize Papers

Having a paperless office sounds nice, but it’s not the reality for most people. To help you stay on top of it, organize the paper into three specific areas.

Firstly, create a zone for papers that require immediate attention. Next, have a different place to put projects that you are working on, and ensure it is in your line of sight. The third area is a filing system for papers you want to keep but don’t often need access to. By creating these distinct zones, you will know where to look for different documents and find it easier to keep them tidy.

Being Organized to Be Productive

With a more organized office, you can be more efficient and likely will be less stressed too. Rather than looking at clutter, you will have a tidy space instead that works for you rather than being full of distractions. Find more useful (and easy) ideas by reaching out to our professional organizers today!