downsizing and moving

Downsizing and Moving? Top Items to Throw Away

An important part of the process of downsizing and moving is determining what you want to bring with you to the new home. This decision is even more critical when simply downsizing, whether it is during retirement or another stage of life, as there is less space for physical items. But deciding what to keep and what to toss isn’t an easy one. With that in mind, we’ve created this guide to help you.

Try to Donate or Sell Rather than Toss

Instead of putting items in the garbage, donate them whenever possible, whether it be to family, friends, or charity. Another option is to sell gently-used items using a local online marketplace. If the object is broken or not in good condition, however, it’s likely a candidate for the trash, unless it is a special item for a recycling and disposal facility, such as an old TV.

downsizing and moving

4 Items to Discard

When you begin the downsizing and moving process, start your donation pile by collecting these four types of physical items:

1.      Old Towels and Sheets

Look through your linen closet to find towels and sheets you haven’t taken off the shelf in six months or longer. The chances are good that you’ve had some of them for several years; they might be frayed or look worn from age. Ask yourself how many towels you need, and the chances are good that you will want to part with some of them.

2.      Unworn Clothes

If you haven’t worn it within the last four seasons, then you likely don’t need it. From pants that are too small to itchy sweaters, there are a lot of things you might be holding onto that are only taking up room in the closet. If you’re reluctant to throw something away, try wearing it. If you can see yourself regularly wearing it in the future, then it’s a keeper. If not, add it to the donation pile.

3.      Spices Past Their Shelf Life

Different types of spices have different expiry dates and using them beyond their freshness date will detract rather than add to dishes. For example, ground spices can last about three years. If it no longer has a distinct smell or vibrant colour, then the chances are good that it is beyond the best-before date. This spice jar is only taking up room in the kitchen cabinet, rather than being useful.

4.      Old Items without Significance

You may hold onto things from childhood simply because you’ve had them for years. But if you don’t have an emotional tie to these crafts, school projects, and other items, then you’ll probably be fine with letting them go. If they are things from past friendships or partners, you might even feel better after tossing those things as doing so frees you from those ties.

How You Feel When You Purge

Getting rid of things when downsizing can help you release stress, especially if you were feeling overwhelmed by the clutter around the house. There is less stuff to move too, which makes moving day more manageable. Finally, you’ll feel great knowing that everything you are taking to your next home is something you have a use for or cherish for sentimental reasons.

Get more help with downsizing by contacting our organizational experts. It doesn’t have to be a scary experience; stay excited about what’s to come and enjoy a home without clutter when a professional is helping you.