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Downsizing and Decluttering: 3 Tips for Seniors

When nearing retirement, many people think about downsizing their house. Moving to a smaller space can lessen tasks like home repairs, make more sense for those with health issues, and help with saving money with reduced bills. If downsizing and decluttering are on your plan as a senior, these tips can help make the process easier to navigate.

1.      Make Thoughtful Decisions

Before making any steps, take the time to make some decisions. Think through what you want and ask yourself questions, such as where will you move to and when will you move?

Rather than rushing the process, take your time to ensure that your actions match what you want. Doing so can also help you avoid the stress of packing things last-minute.

Having a significant amount of time also gives you the chance to get used to the idea of moving. That can reduce anxiety along the way.

2.      Start Small

Begin in one room and focus on it, rather than thinking about the overall house, which can feel overwhelming. While in this room, decide what you want to do with decor, supplies, and other things there.

Consider donating items to a charity or giving your friends those items that you no longer use and any duplicates. Be sure to toss those things that are broken. If you’re unsure what to keep or donate, think about what will fit in your new space and what will suit your new lifestyle.

As you pack belongings into boxes, be sure to label them clearly. For example, write the room and contents of the box on the outside. An example is “Bedroom – Sheets and Pillows.” That way, you know exactly what is in the box when it comes time to unpack.

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3.      Team Up with Professionals

The downsizing and decluttering process can feel overwhelming, and thankfully you don’t have to do it alone. Enlist the help of loved ones who support you in the process. Consider also working with an organizing professional at ClutterBGone. We can smoothly transition to a smaller space while keeping the belongings that matter the most to you.

We are here for you, whether you want help with packing and unpacking, assistance with decisions about what to keep or donate, figuring out an organized room layout for furniture in your new home, and more. Rather than pushing you, we provide friendly support as you need it.

Making the Process Easier for Yourself

By following the tips above, your downsizing journey can be much easier. By taking much of the stress out of the equation, these suggestions help you look forward to starting a new chapter in a new space.

As the moving date gets closer, stay positive by focusing on what you will gain by moving rather than what you lose. Also, begin making plans with loved ones for after the move to help you settle into the new home.

Finally, keep out a box of essential items for the first day of the move so you won’t have to search through boxes. Among the things in it will likely be a change of clothes, toiletries, medications, and snacks.