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How to Declutter Your Home Like a Professional Organizer

Do you want to know how to declutter your home like a professional organizer? Great! You’ve come to the right place. Our experts weigh in today on how to organize a space so that it is clean and tidy. Why wait any longer? Let’s do this!

Choose an Area

A good place to start is by selecting a room or part of a room that you want to organize better than it is now. Even if you plan to declutter multiple areas of the home, it’s best to focus on just one to start with to avoid feeling overwhelmed.

A common room that our professional organizers help clients to declutter is the kitchen. It’s easy to accumulate appliances, dishes, mugs, and cookware over the years, adding new without removing older pieces you don’t use anymore.

Set Goals

The next step our experts help you with is setting a goal. You’ve already completed part of this stage by selecting an area.

Now, it’s time to set the date when you would like the room (or part of it) to be decluttered. Giving yourself a completion dates makes you more accountable to doing so and can be a way to challenge yourself, making it less likely to be something you avoid.

declutter like a professional organizer

Sort Items into Piles

Creating a system to sort items is the next phase. The ClutterBGone team generally recommends that you have three piles: Keep, Toss, and Donate.

The items you keep will go back into the decluttered room after it is emptied, while the “toss” pile will be recycled or put into the trash, depending on the item. The items for donation are ones you can take to a local charity or friends and family who can use them.

How to Make the Decisions Easier

You’re not alone if you feel uncomfortable about the prospect of giving away some of your material objects. Almost everyone has things in their home that have sentimental value. There are also those items that you think you might use one day, such as pants you wore a decade ago.

To help make this part of the process easier, our professionals help you make rational decisions about what to keep or toss. For example, we might help you test if a certain object works, discuss when was the last time you used it, or encourage you to keep track of how often you use something over the coming month that you’re reluctant to part with.

Our clients often tell us that having a night to think about what they’ve put in the toss and donate piles is also helpful. If you wake up the next day, realizing there is something in there that you can’t do without, then take it out of the pile and put it back in the room.

Making the Most of Your Home

If you are having trouble starting on your own, want to tackle multiple rooms, or reinvent a space, reach out to us! A professional organizer from our team can help you clear away clutter to start enjoying your home again.