common decluttering mistakes

Avoid This Common Mistake When Decluttering Your Home

You’re ready to tackle the chaos around you and get to it, feeling full of gusto. That’s terrific! But beware of this mistake that our professional organizers often encounter when meeting new clients and returning to homes several months after completing a project.

What Exactly is the Mistake?

We won’t keep you in suspense any longer. The misstep that many people make is assuming that once the decluttering is done, there’s nothing more to do.

While that would be wonderful, in theory, it’s not realistic. Life gets busy, and clutter can slowly creep back into rooms without even realizing it at first.

Also, if you have set up a new organizational system in the home, you must keep it up. It won’t magically happen for you, unfortunately.

All of this leads us to the following words of wisdom: Regular upkeep is necessary after decluttering inside. To help you get the lasting results that you want requires effort, yes, but the following pointers will help you do so effectively:

mistakes when decluttering your home

Take a Moment to Celebrate the Win

Firstly, acknowledge what you just completed. The decluttering project likely got put to the side many times before. Now you saw it through – And your place looks amazing for it!

Whether you celebrate the decluttering victory by meeting a friend for coffee or giving yourself a well-deserved pat on the back is up to you. The main thing here is to soak in the accomplishment because you deserve it.

Be Aware of What Comes into the Home

Recognize that you cannot control what every family member brings inside the house. They might get a great deal on a kitchen appliance, but that sale item is now taking up valuable space in the kitchen.

Thus, it’s important to regularly look around your living space to assess what you still use and what is collecting dust on shelves or in boxes. If it is not being used, could it be donated or sold instead?

Get Your Game Plan

You might also create a strategy for preventing clutter moving forward. For example, when you want to buy something new, ask yourself first why you decluttered to begin with.

Reflecting on your original purpose can help you be more selective about what you bring into the home. For instance, if reducing clutter was important so that you could have a more peaceful living environment, then think about whether bringing this new purchase into the house will take away from that.

Maintaining an Organized Home

Finally, recognize that simply taking 15 minutes a day can go a long way toward maintaining a clean residence. Perhaps you focus on one room a day, tidying up, or you pick one task, such as vacuuming, and do it across the whole house.

By dividing tasks throughout the week, rather than devoting an entire day to them, you can stay on top of the organization. That’s the key to maintaining an orderly home.

Lastly, have a family meeting to clarify who has which responsibilities around the house. Divide up the chores and enjoy the clutter-free place!