Clutter Awareness Week


In our industry, the last week of March is National Clutter Awareness Week. Although you should be aware of clutter and its impact on your life every day, an awareness week is a great time to stop and take a look around for those of you that tend to put things off.

We don’t always see clutter around us because like everything else we tend to get used to it. So, in honour of Clutter Awareness Week here is a list of what to look for if you think you have too much clutter.

What are you not using?

As a homeowner, you may have a lot of stuff that you’re not using and a lot of this holds some value to you. I don’t encourage you to get rid of things you cherish or that has value to a loved one, but I do encourage you to donate, sell or trash items that you know are not going to get used again.

How many DVD’s, CD’s or books are in your home that you won’t even look at again? What about the clothing that is worn or just doesn’t fit any longer? If you’re keeping something until you slim down why not buy something new as a way to celebrate that victory? Besides, styles change and it may no longer be something you want to wear when you do get to the size you want.

What is getting in your way?

Do you get so used to things being around that you forget that they no longer work or are worn out? You may walk past or around these items every day without a single thought. “I’ll get around to selling or fixing that some day” are very common excuses I hear almost every day. That “some day” is here, this week.

Organized bedroom

Take advantage of Clutter Awareness Week to have these items sold or repaired now and reduce the clutter in your home. If you know of a senior in this position you could be saving them from a nasty fall by helping them reduce the clutter in their homes.

Is clutter preventing you from enjoying the things you like to do?

Clutter has a huge impact on your everyday life. Perhaps you feel embarrassed to have friends or relatives over for fear of being judged. Perhaps you have become housebound with the cycle of clutter becoming worse. Clutter Awareness Week is a great time to take charge and enjoy the things that clutter has been preventing you from doing.

Set aside some time this week to tackle your clutter. If the thought of de-cluttering frightens you or makes you anxious, start off with something small like a closet or a drawer. You will be surprised at how victorious you will feel and will want to tackle bigger areas soon.

Don’t forget there are so many charities that could use your old items. Consider giving to your local favourite charity or to any of the refugee charities that will appreciate your generosity.  Another option is to turn your old items into cash at a consignment store or perhaps you wish to sell them on-line.

Take some time this week to really take a look around. Take pictures if that will help and really look at what you see. Is your space functional, efficient and inviting? If yes, great! If not, set aside the time required to get things back in order or contact us here for a no obligation chat.