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Clever Ways to Organize a Busy Family

When it comes to organizing the family, the ultimate objective is to bring people together, and it’s important not to lose sight of that. Planning is essential to get there with less stress, as you’ll see in each family organization idea below.

Set a Weekly Family Meeting

This one is a great place to put in place before or soon after the start of the school year. Begin the first meeting by saying that this is a safe place for everyone to share their thoughts and ask questions.

Then, begin to discuss the family goals, such as getting homework done or getting enough sleep. From there, figure out the priorities to reach those goals, such as everyone sleeping a certain number of hours per night.

At the start of the next meeting, ask what went well the last week and what didn’t go as planned? What will your family work on this week? The activity helps families connect and organize their time together.

family organizing app Make Lists and Maintain a Calendar

These tools – to-do lists and a calendar – are essentials for organizing your family. There are several apps available that make it easy for each person in the household to add items to the shared grocery shopping list and add events to the shared calendar.

When people rely on you, and you need them, too, collaborative apps are convenient and valuable. Share them with those whose input you need and want and explain how to add tasks or mark them as done.

Or, if you prefer pen and paper for the lists and calendar, that works too! Just make sure you keep them in a place where everyone in the family will see them, such as on the fridge or pinned on a corkboard in the entranceway.

Organize Chores Too

You didn’t think we’d skip the household chores list, did you? Getting everyone involved is important as it can instill a sense of pride in kids, and they learn to appreciate their home more.

A great place to start with children is cleaning their rooms. Young kids can become responsible for picking up their toys after playing with them. To help instill a positive connotation with chores, talk about how wonderful their room looks when it’s clean and how putting away toys keeps people from hurting themselves stepping on them.

When teaching the importance of maintaining a clean house, you must lead by example. If your child feels they do chores only so you won’t have to, they may start to resent it. Instead, they will see the tasks in a better light if you are organizing the home alongside them.

Menu Planning

Another area of family organization is meal planning. Taking the time to think about meals for the coming week and the shopping list based on that plan will help save your family money. Including everyone in the house in this task brings you all together, and people can also speak up about what they like or don’t like.

For each meal, write out the ingredients you need to prepare it. Look at what else is needed too, such as paper towels, and add them to the list.

By making a list of what is necessary, you can avoid impulse purchases at the store. Stick to the list and notice how much money you save!

A Few Last Words

Organizing the family involves much more than only physical items, as you can see above. Organizing time and people is also important. Reach out to our professional organizers to learn more! We are happy to share more suggestions with you and customize them to your unique family.