Exactly What Can A Professional Organizer Do?

When you hire a professional organizer you aren’t just hiring someone to come in and tell you what to keep and what to get rid of. A Professional Organizer does so much more. Most of us are trained by and are part of, the Professional Organizers in Canada. We work with many different types of […]

Clutter Awareness Week

In our industry, the last week of March is National Clutter Awareness Week. Although you should be aware of clutter and its impact on your life every day, an awareness week is a great time to stop and take a look around for those of you that tend to put things off. We don’t always […]

How To Talk To Your Parents About Downsizing And Letting Go

It’s a conversation we never want to have but for a lot of us the time will come when we need to talk to mom and dad about moving out of the family home into something smaller and more manageable or perhaps even into assisted living. You may have noticed that they just can’t keep […]

5 Signs That Your Parents Are Ready To Downsize

We all go through the stages of home ownership in our lives. First we rent, then we buy our first home, then we move into a larger home when we have a family and finally we downsize as we grow older. Do your parents need some help in making this life changing decision? Here are […]

6 Critical Questions You Should Ask A Professional Organizer

Professional organizing is a growing business for a number of reasons. With most families having dual incomes there is more money people are able to spend on tasks they either don’t have time to do themselves, don’t have the skill or the physical ability or simply don’t want to do themselves. We find that the […]

5 Top Reasons Why You Want To Get Organized!

This is something that I get around to asking all of my prospective clients when I meet them for the initial consultation. But it recently occurred to me to ask you – and everyone else – “Why do you want to get organized?” There are many answers that I have received over the years and […]

Helping Your Parents Downsize To A New Space

Moving is widely recognized to be among the most stressful events in a person’s life.  Combining the practical challenges of sorting through years of clutter and the sense of loss that comes with letting go of treasured possessions, a move can be a physically and emotionally draining experience.   These difficulties are typically magnified in […]

How to Talk to Your Aging Parents About Downsizing

When it’s time to talk to your aging parents about downsizing to a smaller living space or assisted living environment, the topic can often be intimidating to broach. Although the move may seem practical at this point in your mom or dad’s life, the idea of moving into a smaller space and getting rid of […]

To Keep or Not to Keep? Decisions To Make When Downsizing

When it comes to helping aging parents downsize, one of the hardest things is dealing with their emotional attachment to items and making decisions on what to keep, sell, donate, or discard.  There are fond memories attached to many of these belongings and it can be difficult emotionally to let them go. In this post we’ll […]

5 Practical Ways To Help Your Parents Downsize

Think back to when you faced the challenge of moving out of your parents’ house and into your first college dorm room or apartment. Downsizing all of your possessions into this smaller space seemed overwhelming and impossible, right? Your parents most likely feel the same way now that they are about start the process of […]