5 Crucial Tips To Keep Your Summer Move Organized

The moving season is slowly upon us, and if you’ve moved before, you know how chaotic and daunting it can be. Don’t panic! You can get organized and eliminate stress before the moving truck arrives. Here are five easy tips to set you up for success and ensure that your move is organized and worry-free. […]

5 Reasons Cluttered Homes Don’t Sell

This article was originally published on the Comfree Blog, where I am a frequent contributor. You can view the original article here. You’ve got several people in line to take a look at your house that you’ve just put up for sale. The lawn is immaculate, the driveway is as smooth as glass, and there […]

5 Tips to Getting and Staying Organized at Home

Getting and staying organized at home is not always easy.  If you want to go from clutter to calm, here are a few inexpensive tips to get you started. 1. An old wooden stepladder is a creative way to hold bath and hand towels in a small bathroom where cupboards are non-existent.  You can event […]

Basement Reno Completed!

FINALLY! The day has come when I can say that our basement renovation is done!!! To say that I’m relieved is an understatement. In my last blog post about this project I mentioned that the painters had to come back to repaint the entire basement. Well, believe it or not, after I wrote that post […]

Creative Office Organizing

Sometimes when we’re organizing offices we need to be creative.  It may be because of a lack of space, needing the area for a multiple of purposes and activities, or simply because of the way our client’s function in the space.  For this particular project it was the latter.  Many of my clients are challenged […]

Gift Wrapping Centre & Craft Storage Organization

So many of my clients request a wrapping centre and craft storage that I thought this would be a good opportunity to share what we did to organize one of our client’s storage rooms. With limited space, wrapping paper and craft products are often relegated to a closet making it difficult for clients to access […]

My Fave 5 Organizing Products

There are certain organizing products that I find I utilize more often due to their functionality and efficient use of space.  I thought I’d share my favorite five with you today, in no particular order. The first is the NEATKIDS Closet Max Organizing system by NeatFreak.  It’s designed specifically to hold kid-size items, is a […]

Top 10 Paper Items To Keep Indefinately

Whenever I’m working in offices, whether home or business, the question always arises as to what to keep and for how long. Most people know that for income tax audit purposes you need to keep your tax returns and related papers for seven years.  But what about some of those other papers?  Here’s my top […]

Storage Locker Chaos

What I love about working in this field is not only the variety of people I get to meet and help on a daily basis, but also the challenges of working and organizing in many different spaces.  I’ve recently began a project for a friend of mine organizing his condominium storage locker.  Two lockers, actually.  […]

#1 Way To Pack For Travel – Rise And Hang Luggage

I am so thrilled to have discovered this amazing and very creative luggage system for travel that I must share it with you.  In fact I am so jazzed by this new product that I demonstrated it this morning live during my organizing segment on Rogers Daytime TV.  It’s the Action Pak Duffel Bag by Rise […]