Storage Locker Organization

Not too long ago I was faced with the challenge of organizing two condominium storage lockers for “winter cleaning”. It was quite a challenge as the owner of the lockers, as well as his two sons, are sports enthusiasts and involved in everything from hockey, lacrosse, golf and fishing to mountain biking and more. Who […]

How To Talk To Your Parents About Downsizing And Letting Go

It’s a conversation we never want to have but for a lot of us the time will come when we need to talk to mom and dad about moving out of the family home into something smaller and more manageable or perhaps even into assisted living. You may have noticed that they just can’t keep […]

5 Signs You May Be Chronically Disorganized And What You Can Do About It

We are all a little disorganized in some aspects of our life but for some of you being disorganized affects your day-to-day living. Lets begin with defining what chronic disorganization is (also known as “challenging disorganization”). Being chronically disorganized is defined as being disorganized for a long period of time during which you have not […]

5 Signs You May Have Hoarding Tendencies

Ever since the introduction of television shows like “Hoarders” and the rest of them that followed, the term “hoarding’, in my opinion, is now too commonly used. It’s estimated that between 2% and 5% of the North American population exhibit some type of hoarding behaviour. We are a society of stuff and most of us […]

5 Signs That Your Parents Are Ready To Downsize

We all go through the stages of home ownership in our lives. First we rent, then we buy our first home, then we move into a larger home when we have a family and finally we downsize as we grow older. Do your parents need some help in making this life changing decision? Here are […]

What is a Professional Organizer?

After having published many hundreds of blogs over the past few years I realized that I should probably write one about just what a professional organizer is. I get many phone calls from prospective clients and the first things they ask is “what do you do?” and “how do you do it?” More than just […]

The Right Way To Organize For Your Move

At ClutterBGone we have taken on a lot of projects involving a move over the years. They start out as an organizing and downsizing project to get clients ready to move house. Then during the initial sessions the clients see the value and investment in hiring us to assist with not only the downsizing but […]

6 Important Things to Consider When Packing & Moving To A Dorm

So your child is leaving the security of the family home and taking up residence to attend school. Let’s wipe that grin off your face and talk about how to pack and prepare them for the move. Whether they are staying on campus or renting a room off campus, chances are they are going to […]

6 Critical Questions You Should Ask A Professional Organizer

Professional organizing is a growing business for a number of reasons. With most families having dual incomes there is more money people are able to spend on tasks they either don’t have time to do themselves, don’t have the skill or the physical ability or simply don’t want to do themselves. We find that the […]

5 Key Benefits of Moving To A Condominium

As many of us age we find that we’re looking at condominiums as an alternative to owning a larger home or as an alternative to moving to a seniors’ residence. Condominiums are taking a bigger piece of the real estate pie recently, both with the young and the “not so young”. If you are in […]