Do You Really Think You Are A Hoarder?


Many of our clients refer to themselves as “hoarders”. A lot of people use the term to describe others who have more possessions than they think they should have. Individuals that have been medically diagnosed as a hoarder typically require specialty services relating to de-cluttering and much more than just downsizing and organizing services.

What is Hoarding?

Hoarding is the overwhelming difficulty of throwing away or getting rid of one’s possessions. It is often classified as a compulsive behavior. The possessions could range from plastic bags to old newspapers and magazines. Regardless of the items accumulated the value of them are irrelevant to the owner. Those with this compulsive behavior accumulate a large quantity of possessions, which is what makes this behavior stand out in comparison to other people. The compulsive behavior, which is associated with hoarding, can also be related to compulsive buying, compulsive collecting of free items, or a compulsive search for the perfect item. An individual diagnosed with hoarding is unable to let go of any item, regardless of the value.

Hoarding is not to be confused with collecting. The behavior of collectors is often prideful in regards to their possessions and are proud to display their items. Collectors are also more organized than hoarders.

What are the Symptoms of Hoarding?

Individuals with a hoarding disorder often demonstrate severe anxiety when attempting to get rid of an item, or have the inability to discard their possessions to make space for new ones. hoardingThose affected with this compulsive behavior often find it difficult to organize their belongings, as they often feel unsettled about where to keep them. In some cases, they even feel unsettled about their possessions, and often act suspicious of other people touching any of the items. This compulsive behavior causes obsessive thoughts of their items whereabouts, or possibly not having enough of one particular item.

Why Do People Hoard?

The compulsive thoughts associated with hoarding are often that the individual believes they need the item for future use, feel a strong sentimental value towards it, feel it is irreplaceable, or they got such a great deal that they don’t want to throw it away. In some cases hoarding may be a disorder on its own; however, it is a common symptom of other disorders such as obsessive-compulsive personality disorder (OCPD), obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), and/or depression.

How Does Hoarding Affect One’s Quality of Life?

Hoarding diminishes one’s quality of life considerably. Due to a considerable number of possessions, the hoarder’s living space may become unhealthy or even dangerous. Many hoarders will live without basic comforts, and cope with things such as broken appliances or furnace in order to avoid somebody coming into their living space to fix the problem. In many cases, this behavior causes issues among the individual’s family, from feelings of anger and resentment to depression. Hoarding can affect the social development of children who live in the space, and can have an impact on the family structure from divorce to loss of child custody. Hoarding can cause the living space to be unlivable, which may lead to eviction. Serious financial problems can occur as well.

What are the Effects of Hoarding?

As a result, hoarding behavior can be damaging and affects both the individuals with the hoarding behavior and their family members. hoardingThis behavior can affect those on many levels, including emotional, physical and social, as well as financial and/or legal. In some cases, due to the loss of living space because of the large quantity of items, the living conditions can cause health problems.

So you see, hoarding is much more than just being disorganized and having clutter in the home. Hoarders typically don’t see a problem with their behavior and rarely reach out for assistance on their own.

If you need help with your organizing and clutter challenges look no further than your professional organizing team at ClutterBGone. ClutterBGone is proud to serve Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area, including York and Durham regions. From home organizing and downsizing, to small office organizing, ClutterBGone is here to liberate you from your clutter!

How Do You Know It’s Time To Hire A Professional Organizer?

hire a professional organizer

Your lives are constantly busy with work and family. It seems life just keeps getting busier with no time for a lot of home maintenance or chores. You hire a gardener to tend to the gardens. You hire a cleaning service to clean the house. When do you know it’s time to hire a professional organizer?

Many people think of professional organizers for the chronically disorganized or something for people with sever hoarding tendencies. We do get calls for that but most of our calls come from busy professionals like you who need a hand to tackle problem areas or your whole home. So how do you know when it’s time to call in the pro’s?

You really have no time to spare

Between your career, your personal life, your time spent with your family and the many other things that tie up your life you just don’t have time to get everything done. hire a professional organizerThings have piled up and your life and home have become disorganized to the point where you know you can’t do it yourself. That is where we come in.

You feel isolated

Disorganization and clutter can lead to a reduced social life. You become embarrassed to have family or friends over for fear of what they may think. ClutterBGone has helped many clients regain control of their clutter and have seen their social life, and confidence, improve dramatically.

It’s becoming a safety hazard

We have had many clients reach out to us for their own home or on behalf of their parents because the clutter has become a safety issue. Too much clutter can be a trip or a fire hazard.

You spend too much time looking for things

This is a common complaint. According to Newsweek the average person spends 55 minutes a day looking for things they own but can’t find. I don’t know about you but I can think of a lot of things I would rather do with that time. Let us help you get some of your time back.

Are you feeling depressed?

Researchers at UCLA found that there is a definite link between clutter and depression. The more stuff we have the more stress women feel. hire a professional organizerFunny that it doesn’t hold true for men. Even families that want to reduce clutter often are emotionally paralyzed when it comes to sorting and pairing down objects. You either can’t break sentimental attachments to objects or believe your things have some hidden monetary value. At ClutterBGone we bring an impartial viewpoint to help you make those decisions and rid you of that stress.

If you recognize any of these signs then perhaps it’s time to bring in the reinforcements to get your home organized and clutter free. We’re easy to reach just click here.

Are You a Good Candidate for Virtual Organizing?

virtual organizing

Many of you know what a Professional Organizer does. We come into your home and work to organize and de-clutter the space(s) causing you the most grief and frustration. We work with you, side by side or we work independently and call you in when we need you to make decisions. It’s your call how involved you want to be.

With virtual organizing you’re working on your own with our guidance, coaching, instruction and support using today’s technology. Are you a good candidate for virtual organizing?

You’re ready

The first step of course is to recognize that clutter has affected you or your loved ones in some way and that you’re ready to take control of the clutter in your life.virtual organizing

You realize that you just can’t get it done yourself and that you need instruction, coaching and assistance.

You recognize the value of a professional organizer

Professional Organizers are trained to get your home and life in order to make life easier for you and to make your home as clutter free and productive as possible. During the transition we create systems and processes for you to follow so you can expect to maintain the same organization in your home after we leave.

You’re good at working independently

You need to be good at working on your own and be able to complete tasks on time. Part of the virtual organizing process is for the Virtual Organizer to follow up on your progress and assign agreed upon deadlines for having tasks completed.

You are “somewhat” familiar with today’s technology

You don’t have to be rocket scientist but you should be comfortable using any number of communication methods like Skype, Facetime or others. virtual organizingWe use a platform called “Zoom”. It really is easy to communicate with us so don’t worry, we will walk you through it if needed.

You live in an area that is not serviced by our profession

If you live outside of the traditional suburban areas chances are you won’t be able to find a professional organizer that serves your area. Virtual organizing to the rescue! Now everybody has access to a professional organizer and you can actually hire anybody you want from any part of the world (but I know you will choose ClutterBGone).

Work at your own pace, at your own time and at significant savings. If you feel you are a good candidate for virtual organizing, we have a variety of packages that will suit any requirement. Contact us here to learn more about virtual organizing.

The Key Benefits to Virtual Organizing

Virtual organizing

Virtual organizing is a new and growing trend in the downsizing and organizing industry. It’s not ideal for everyone who needs assistance in downsizing and organizing but great for many. Here are some of the benefits that can be realized through virtual organizing.

It saves time and money

Like any other professional service the cost of employing traditional assistance to downsize and organize can be outside of your budget. Virtual organizingVirtual organizing is less costly for several reasons. There are no travel costs for a professional organizer to get to your location.

With virtual organizing you are working with one fully trained professional organizer rather than having a team of 2 or more come to your home. Typically, we work in shorter time blocks resulting in less cost to you.

We run on your schedule

Regardless of the way we communicate, our hours are more available to our clients as we are not in traffic or on site at a daylong job. With sessions typically lasting only one hour it is easier to set a time to meet electronically.

Less pressure on you, the client

On many of our initial consultations we know you may be embarrassed with the state of your home. With virtual organizing we are seeing and working on only the part of your home that is currently giving you grief and that you want to work on.

It’s a good first step

For those that are hesitant about hiring a professional organizer, a virtual organizing session can give you an idea, at less cost, of how we work. Virtual organizing It will also allow you to get to know your professional organizer. After all, to be really effective you need to be able to trust and work well with anybody you hire.

You may realize that virtual organizing is not really your thing and therefore may require a traditional session with on site staff. Conversely, you may find that virtual organizing is the way you want to continue.

It is available to everyone

At ClutterBGone we have received a lot of inquiries from people outside of our traditional service area. We strive to service everyone who contacts us but in some cases unfortunately they are just too far away.

This new service allows us to serve anybody who requires our service regardless of where they are located.

Virtual organizing may not be for everybody but it is available to everyone. Contact us here to find out more and how we can assist you virtually!

Case Study: Decluttering & Downsizing an Estate After the Passing of a Loved One – Part II

Estate downsizing GTA

Last week we told you about a recent downsizing project we had completed for a client whose parents had passed away. They had been living in their GTA home for over 50 years. Their home was chock full of items to be disposed of in one manner or another in order for the home to be listed for sale and ultimately sold.

We had completed the initial consult, were surprised with the actual scope of work to be done and met with a rather unpleasant surprise, a mouse infestation. Enough of the teasing, let’s get to the results.

The results

As we were pulling items from the crawl space, much of what we retrieved was so severely infested with mice feces and urine that it had to be tossed in the waste bin we had dropped. We actually filled four entire 20-yard bins with items that could not be salvaged for either donation or sale. The crawl space alone took our team 2 full days to empty and sort – tough work as the crawl space was only 3 feet in height. All work down there was performed on a mechanic’s creeper on wheels so we could easily maneuver.

During the process we were thrilled to discover a large number of vintage items that would reward our client with good prices during auction. There was also a significant number of tools, electric and otherwise that would be auctioned off as well, including a generator, numerous drills and other cool items.

Remember the garage I mentioned earlier? Estate organizing GTAWhen we began sorting through everything we found not only a wooden desk buried beneath debris, but also a kayak, motorcycle, boat motor other sporting goods as well as a variety of construction items, all easily auction able.

When we reached out to an on-line auction house we had worked with in the past, they were pleasantly surprised to see the large variety of items, including all the housewares, dish wares and furniture items, plus a piano and vintage accordion!

Once we carved out all the items for sale, donation, trash, toxic waste and keep, we ended up with over 147 lots of items for auction! We then coordinated with a team the auction house provided to come in and professional photograph and catalogue all the lots, coordinating the timing of the auction with the deadline for listing the home for sale.

I don’t know if you have ever followed an online auction but boy, does the action ever heat up on the last day and in the last few hours. Estate organizing GTACoins, clothing, furniture and everything you can think of was sold during the auction. Have you heard the expression “one mans junk is another mans treasure”? Well it’s so true. I myself was so surprised at what some of the items brought in at the end of the auction. All the items in the auction came in at just under $10,000! And to think the real estate agent and client initially thought they would just toss everything into the waste bins! Thank goodness, we were able to advise them otherwise.

In summary

ClutterBGone loves to give back and with our generous clients we’re able to do that on a regular basis. Many items from this project went to a few different charities including one for new immigrants. Our team was in the home for seven days and managed to get through everything and get the house in order and staged for sale. The house sold within 30 days of the job completion and sold for over market value. It would have been for a lot less in its original state.

And the auction? Our client made enough to pay for our services and then some so he was extremely happy and that’s what it’s all about to us – a happy client.

We’re so thrilled with the results of this project and with the effort put in by our team. Our service partners were also a big help on this one.

Big or small we love them all. Downsizing and organizing is what we do. Contact us here to see how we can rescue you from your organizational challenge!

Case Study: Decluttering & Downsizing an Estate After the Passing of a Loved One

Estate organizing GTA

We recently completed a project that we’re eager to share with you. A client whose parents had passed away contacted us through their real estate agent. They needed help in organizing their parents’ home (deceased for 3 years) for sale. The home had been left empty for 3 years and nothing had been done inside the home to clear out any possessions whatsoever, including food. The parents had lived in the same GTA home for over 50 years.

Our client was not at all interested, nor did he have the time or means, to clear out the home to prepare it and make it presentable for sale. Since it had been abandoned for such a long time and with food sources in the home, mice had decided it was a great place for them to set up shop. The home was a good size, over 2,000 square feet with a crawl space that was jammed full of boxes and contents. Time to call in the big guns.

The initial consult

I met with the real estate agent and our client at the home for our initial consultation and needs assessment. Initially, when speaking to the agent over the phone he advised there wasn’t much in the home and that he felt everything there would be thrown out. downsizing in torontoI was skeptical but kept an open mind.

The consult is the most important part of our process. It allows us to see the full scope of the project, assess the client’s needs and behavioral characteristics and allows us to accurately judge the number of hours a job will take and see how many team members will be required. We were on site for one and a half hours.

Not quite as it seemed

During the consult we learned, and saw first hand, that the home had not been lived in for many years. The parents were quite elderly and had not done much, if anything, in the way of downsizing or reducing clutter due to their physical limitations.

We determined that we were dealing with a full home plus garage and all rooms were full of furnishings, memorabilia, and appliances, even food in the kitchen. The contents were just as if a family were living in the home. The basement crawlspace was jammed. Did I mention the garage? Oh, boy! A lot of work would be required to get the house ready for sale but we were up to the challenge

The plan

Our client originally thought and even advised us during the consult, that almost everything was trash. Estate organizing GTAAs we assessed the home we quickly determined there was a great deal of value in the contents that the client could monetize with the right platform for selling. We felt at least $5,000 could be recouped if not more. As such we began pulling and sorting items into categories or lots that could then be auctioned off.

The plan was to go in and make a quick determination on whether an item was to be kept by our client, trashed, donated or sold. The real estate agents were interested in getting the home listed quickly to take advantage of the GTA market (and to get their commission) but we at ClutterBGone saw an opportunity to make the client some money back on his decluttering investment. We hate to see items just go into landfills, especially when there are people in need of items and where our clients can monetize items.

An unpleasant surprise

We saw signs of mice (droppings and nests in various places) that had been living in the house for some time. Initially, it did not appear that it was a huge infestation however as we uncovered and moved belongings it was evident that we needed protective masks and gloves and needed to call in the professionals to decontaminate the furniture and flooring. Mice droppings can be very dangerous to breathe in so it’s important to take precautions.

We frequently work with a contamination expert who came in quickly for us and made it safe for us to work and safe for others coming into the home. The decontamination process took over 2 days! We even saw mice droppings inside the freezer!

The process

We delegated a team of 3 ClutterBGone professionals into action. Estate organizing GTAEvery item was touched and sorted. Obvious trash went right into the 20-yard waste bin we had dropped. Some items the client had advised us to put aside for him and other large furniture items would be kept in the home for staging purposes.

Some items were slated for donation and the majority of items were slated for the on-line auction that we were coordinating on behalf of our client.

The results

I myself was amazed at the results and I’m eager to share them with you but you’re going to have to wait until next week to find out ……….

We love working on estate projects and if you’re in need of help with one we’re just one click or phone call away. Let us rescue you!

Stay tuned!

Important Questions You Should Ask a Professional Organizer

questions to ask an organizer

If you are looking to hire a Professional Organizer in Toronto, there are critical questions you should be asking. Just as in real estate, there are professional organizers that are in this industry full time and then, as in most industries there are some people who claim to be professional organizers that work on a part time basis without much if any training or experience, looking to make a quick buck.

At ClutterBGone we believe informed and knowledgeable clients are the best clients, so here are the top questions you should ask a Professional Organizer before you hire one.

  1. Are you an active member of the POC?

    Here in Canada there is an association for professional organizers called the POC – Professional Organizers of Canada. Members are bound by their code of ethics to ensure that you receive trusted, confidential and committed service. We at ClutterBGone are fully trained in organizing, decluttering and downsizing services.

  2. What is your area of expertise?

    Some Professional Organizers specialize in residential organizing, some strictly working with businesses and some specialize in clients with ADHD. Select the one that most closely matches your requirements and that you feel a connection with.

  3. Do you have paid up professional liability insurance?

    Much like movers, Professional Organizers should carry their own liability insurance to cover accidents or damage to your property however caused. Of course, we’re all careful in our work but you never know when an accident can happen and if it does you want to ensure that you are covered. After all, it’s your home we’re coming in to.

  4. What are your fees?

    Price should never be the decision-making factor in your choice of a Professional Organizer. The old adage, “you get what you pay for” rings very true in this industry. An hourly rate may be less than another however the lower charging organizer may work a lot slower and have less experience ending up costing you more in the long run. questions to ask an organizer

    An hourly or a job rate can vary but the least expensive quote may not be the best. Also make sure you have a complete understanding of what you are being charged and for what services. How many people are working on the project? How many hours are estimated to complete the project? What is your protection if the estimate far exceeds the projected time or cost? An experienced Professional Organizer can be fairly accurate in their estimate and very transparent when it comes to all costs associated with your project and will keep you updated on any changes.

  5. How long have you been doing this?

    Like any other business it’s difficult to get started and to get experience under your belt but if you have a big job that affects the running of your home don’t you want to ensure that whoever does it is experienced and that the job is done right the first time? Ask how many client projects a Professional Organizer has completed in the last 3 years? At ClutterBGone we have over 300 projects completed with over 300 super excited and happy clients!

  6. Who is responsible for supplies?

    Some professional organizers have access to all the latest storage items and others will expect you to purchase and get what you need. This may not be the most practical for you as your life is busy and you may not have the time to shop around for items. questions to ask an organizer

    At ClutterBGone we have a large inventory of organizing products so most of the time there is no need for you to worry about shopping for items unless you truly enjoy that. We bring what we may need and pass on any industry discounts to you on many of the products we use. Because we keep a good inventory on hand we rarely need to charge our clients for shopping or sourcing fees where other organizers may need to.

  7. How many people will be coming into my home?

    Know before hand who is coming into your home and ensure that the cost of these people is in your quote. We employ only trained professionals and send you a photo of all who will be entering your home for your peace of mind.

  8. Do you take photos or videos?

    Privacy is very important to us and only after you sign a release will we take any pictures or videos.

  9. What will I do during this process?

    As much or as little as you wish. At ClutterBGone we encourage our clients to work with us but some clients just want to be there for direction and decision making and that’s absolutely fine with us. We will involve you as much or as little as you wish.

  10. Do you have references?

You would be amazed at the number of people that are embarrassed to ask for references. questions to ask an organizerDue to the confidential nature of our business we can’t always provide you with client’s names and contact information. However, we can direct you to as well as other client centered review sites where you can read first hand our client’s experiences with us.

So those are the must ask questions when you are looking for a Professional Organizer to help with your project. Ensure whomever you hire is fully trained and qualified, insured and experienced and have references to back it up. ClutterBGone has been assisting clients in the GTA for many years now and we would love to assist you. Call now or contact us here to learn more about how we can change your life!


Living With A Professional Organizer – Things I Learned

Professional organizer GTA

I have always thought I was a fairly neat person and although I will admit that I’m not the most organized person, I didn’t think I was unorganized. However, my wife is a Professional Organizer in Toronto and living with her, I’ve found out just how organized I really am! In the beginning, I was a tad annoyed with how organized things have to be but eventually I became appreciative of those things that may have bothered me in the past. Let me give you a few examples:


For a guy how easy is it to maintain your wardrobe? You buy something new, pick up dry cleaning or put away your laundry by hanging it up or putting it in the drawers, right? Professional organizer GTANot so. I have learned that you hang your clothes according to colour and have all your shirts hanging the same way. Not only does this give you a neat appearance but it makes selecting your clothes a whole lot easier. I couldn’t believe how easy it was deciding what to wear with a system like this. There are a lot more tricks pertaining to clothes that can be taught as well.

One in, one out rule

This rule just seemed silly to me. Why would you want to get rid of something just because something new came in? Well, it turns out this may just be the best advice an organizer can give you. Rather than having closets and drawers that are crammed to the point where nothing else will fit in or a dresser drawer that is overflowing, if you follow this rule you will always have a neat and organized space with easy to find items. And really, when you have something new you don’t really want to use the older items anyway.


Just last week I put a frying pan away in the wrong spot and was “politely” reminded of where it goes. I use this as an example of why every thing needs a home. Professional organizer GTAI can’t tell you how much time I’ve wasted in the past looking for things that were in the wrong place. A lot less time spent looking for things and a lot less frustration is the result of putting things back where they belong. Professional Organizers are great at creating space and systems to make your kitchen work more efficiently.

Giving back

This is by far the most important lesson learned from living with a Professional Organizer. Rather than tossing out things that I no longer require I take the time to look at it and decide if it is in good enough shape to donate. There are so many organizations that can use and even depend on donations to help the less fortunate. Everything from clothing to toys to small appliances and even items of value that can be sold at charity stores or auctions can be used to help someone else. Giving back is a large part of what Professional Organizers do.

So yes, being married to a Professional Organizer can have its challenges but it really does make life more organized, less stressful and more giving. If you are looking for downsizing or organizing services in the GTA contact ClutterBGone to learn how they can help you.

Are You Paralyzed By Clutter?

paralyzed by clutter

You have a desire to declutter and organize your home but life just seems to get in the way of this. Decluttering and organizing can be a very time-consuming experience leaving you feeling drained and overwhelmed. That’s where we come in!

Let’s look at the top reasons you may feel paralyzed by your clutter.

Lack of time

This is the biggest reason we hear for being hired to help our clients. You lead a busy life with work and family taking up every available minute. You hire gardeners, cleaners and even life coaches. Why not hire a professional organizer?

Attachment to an item

Even I have a few items that I’m emotionally attached to. clutter GTAItems that I know I will never use but they bring me comfort just knowing they are there. There is nothing wrong with owning a couple of items like these but too many of these items start to make your home look cluttered.

Let ClutterBGone show you how to showcase or store these items or let us help you decide how to part with them.


Guilt can cause an emotional attachment. You may have spent a lot of money on something or you received an item as a gift and you feel guilty about getting rid of it. There are lots of ways that you can pass these items on without feeling guilty. Let us show you how.

You might need it some day

Some day just never comes. paralyzed by clutterYou hold onto items thinking you’ll use it or need it at some point but deep down you know you won’t. Let’s reclaim the space you need now by downsizing the items you know you just won’t use. Keep only those items that are relevant to your life right now. Especially if space is an issue.

You’ll miss the items

Will you, really? Think about the last time you used it. Was it over a year ago? Does the item fit still? Is the item useful? Does it bring you joy? If not, imagine the space it takes up that you could use for something more important, or the joy it could bring to someone else or even what you could do with the money it could bring to you.

Don’t let clutter paralyze you. Let ClutterBGone help with your organizing and downsizing needs. Contact us here for more information and to reduce your anxiety.

National Moving Month – Prepare to Pack For Your Move

Moving and organizing GTA

May is national moving month. At ClutterBGone we’ve taken on a lot of projects involving pack and moves over the years. They start out as organizing and downsizing projects to get our clients ready to move. Then during the initial sessions our clients see the value and investment in hiring us to assist with not only the downsizing but with organizing the packing aspect, the move itself, the unpacking, settling in and then setting up and organizing at the new home to make it efficient and functional from day 1.

With moving season upon us, here is a list of things to prepare for and when.

Three months out

Have the mover or the rental truck booked. Most important is to get references or a referral to someone you can trust. You may have all read about contents being held for ransom for more money by some of the fly by night movers out there. Be careful and hire someone reputable.
If you can move more towards the middle of the month there is also a greater chance of getting the mover you want. When you are hiring a moving company get references and ensure everything is in writing.

Two months out

Begin the job of sorting and paring down. This is where we come in. Packing for move in GTAYou’re going to be busy enough closer to move day than to be worrying about this task and why pay to have things moved that you’re ultimately not going to need or use in your new home? We can help with those tough decisions and with getting rid of the clutter that doesn’t need to follow you to your new home.

One month out

Now is the time to ensure you have the correct supplies. Boxes, mats, ropes, ties and similar supplies are going to be needed for the move. We have contacts for all these supplies so you can feel confident that this is taken care of.

3 weeks out

Before your move make sure all your change of address notifications is completed and start packing everything you know you will not need until after your move. We specialize in getting you packed in an orderly and organized fashion so your unpacking goes much smoother. We label all boxes so the movers know exactly where they go in the new home.

Three weeks out is also a good time to start to use up the food you have in the fridge and freezer as well.

Moving day

Pack a suitcase with incidentals in case you need anything during the day. Packing and moving GTAIf at all possible have someone look after the kids for the day, as you don’t want the little ones under your feet during this hectic time.

If at all possible have your own lock put on the truck once everything has been loaded so only you can open it at the other end. Finally, don’t stress it. Be thankful you don’t move very often.

If you’re moving during this time, best of luck. If you’d love to be packed up, moved in and all settled in your new home in a matter of a few days, give us a call and learn how we can make that happen, stress free, so you can enjoy your new home from Day 1!