Doggie Treat Organization – Containment is the key!

Doggie treat organization
I don’t know about you, but because my little pooch is such a cutie I like to buy her an assortment of treats. I used to place them on the shelf in my pantry but inevitably I found it difficult to find them when I needed them. So, I bought one of those little canvas bins you usually see at Winners or Walmart for about $5.00 and put all her treats in the bin. Now when I want to reward her, it’s a lot easier to simply pull out the bin and find what I’m looking for. Sometimes, I even let her decide. I just put the bin on the floor and she uses her nose to nudge the package she’s interested in! Check it out!

Deals On Organizing Products

I’m always on the lookout for great prices on products that either I or my clients can use for organizing home or office. This week Canadian Tire has a sale on a 5 tier resin shelf at 50% off. I’m purchasing this item to organize the automotive items for my son’s garage but it’s also very useful for a basement pantry, cold storage (especially because resin is not affected by moisture as a wood or metal cabinet would be), and basically anywhere shelving is needed in basement or garage. Another product on sale this week is at Staples. Its the DYMO label maker (50% off)- great for labelling all your bins, baskets and shelving. And, with the kids back to school this week, its also a good idea to label their personal items as well.