Editing Your Clothing – Donation Boxes – Beware!

I’ve cautioned my clients numerous times with respect to contributing clothing to donation boxes, but with The Toronto Star reporting on this today, it deserves a further mention. Many “charity” donation boxes you see sitting in parking lots are not truly going to needy persons. Many times they are unlicensed and situated there by disreputable persons who collect the clothing for themselves to be resold in consignment stores or exported with cost. This results in legitimate charities being disadvantaged. So whenever you are making a clothing or other type of donation to these charity boxes you see in parking lots around the city, carefully read what is on the box and look for a reputable name, such as Goodwill or the Diabetes Association with a contact number to call to confirm if you are in doubt. If the box simply says “Clothing Donations” I would be hesitant to use it. Of course, you can always drop off your donations at any Goodwill Thrift Store or call the Diabetes Association who have regular pick up times for clothing items and they will come right to your door!

Garage Organizing Project

This past week has gone by incredibly fast! I have a number of new projects on the go, one of which is organizing a garage for someone special: my son. He recently purchased an old classic car which he plans on tearing down and renovating. This means getting organized in the garage so he can work efficiently and find what he needs when he needs it. One of the main points in garage organizing is to look up. Sometimes we need to reclaim valuable space with overhead storage units. Items that are used infrequently, such as fishing or camping equipment, are great candidates for loft storage. Also, we will be creating a central location to house all automotive equipment and tools needed for this classic car project. A 5 shelf resin storage unit will do the trick. Another area will be created to house his sports gear, such as balls, shoes, hats, bats. A large square net will be affixed to the garage wall which will stretch to accommodate these items very well. We’ll also be using hooks to hold gear off the floor, such as ladders, shovels, and garden equipment. And lastly, we will create a 6 foot workbench along one of the side walls above which we will be constructing two 6 foot shelving units to hold large automotive parts. I’m looking forward to getting this completed for him in the next couple of weeks and will post some photos for you to see.

Welcome to my organizing blog!

Wow! Finally the day has come. I’ve been intending on starting this blog for months now, but like many, I’ve felt intimidated by technology and the whole concept around “blogging”. But here I am, now amongst a million other “bloggers”. The whole foundation of my business is based on honesty, integrity and client satisfaction. Therefore, with this blog, my goal is to keep you posted on what’s happening in the world of professional organizers, special organizing projects, keeping you updated on organizing trends & tips, and give you some insight into the organizing projects I come across along the way. I also want to hear from you! What exciting or interesting organizing projects have you started this past week? I’d love to hear about them.

With September just around the corner, business is booming! There is a whole new set of challenges with getting the kids organized and back to school. With that in mind have you thought about how you plan on handling all that paper that comes home with your children? Here’s a back to school idea for handling the precious artwork they create.

As parents we often have a spot on the fridge for their artwork to be displayed. Once a month, go through the pieces with your children and ask them to choose which ones they’re ready to recycle and re-purpose. Through this process your kids will learn to pick out their special treasures and learn that some things are no longer valuable to them but can be re-purposed for other things. Why not recycle their art work into gift wrapping for others! For those treasured pieces of art that they choose to keep rather than re-purpose, assign a special coloured tote box to be kept in his or her bedroom closet. Each week, those pieces of art that do not make it to the recycle or re-purpose box are added to this tote. At the end of the school year, make some popcorn and help your child to go through his or her tote, review their school year and pick out their 12 most favoured artwork treasures which will be kept as their memories for the year. Store them face down in the tote. Then start the process over again for the next school year, placing the new year’s artwork face up instead. This way, when you review at the end of the year, you only go down into the pile until you reach the ones that are face down, and repeat the editing process again. Have fun, take pride in the treasures your little ones create and know that it’s ok not to keep every single piece.