4 Tips for Overcoming Procrastination

Do you ever think that maybe you’re chronically disorganized? If you think you may be, it’s likely that procrastination has been and continues to be a habit that you’ve formed over your lifetime. This can be a challenge in getting organized, however you can develop and form new habits that will conquer procrastination.

Courtesy of The Institute for Challenging Disorganization (yes, there is in fact such a place), here are a few tips to get you started with overcoming procrastination:

Firstly, motivation is what will get you started on your path, and new habits will keep you going. Simply resolve to get started and you are well on your way.

Secondly, if you write down and prioritize your professional and personal goals you will give ownership to them and feel more compelled to succeed.

Thirdly, breaking up your projects into smaller more managable tasks will assist you in being successful. Avoid the “all or nothing” thinking that will ultimately be an obstacle to your organization.

Lastly, let go of being perfect! Often times we become challenged with doing things perfectly. Experience has taught me that perfectionism is an obstacle to organization. So let it go, and let “good enough” be good enough for you.

Are you ready to develop new habits? How will you overcome the habits that are keeping you from getting & staying organized?

7 Benefits Of Decluttering And Organizing

While on site at a client’s home today it was very apparent that in the short time we had been working on various projects in the home, they had already derived a great deal of benefit from the work done so far. As such, I think it’s important that everyone realize the 7 key benefits of decluttering and getting organized:

• Improved quality of life, free time & more space for yourself
• Feeling in control with increased energy & productivity
• Effective systems & strategies for day to day living
• Reduced stress and frustration
• Ability to focus on what’s important
• Bills paid on time
• Pride in your home

So what’s preventing you from achieving an organizational paradigm? I’d love to help.

3 Ways To Teach Children To be Organized

With the holiday season in full swing, what better time than now to teach your children how to let go of items and be organized. You’re never too young to start.

The first way is in regards to their toys. Go through toys with your child every 6 months and point out which toys they no longer play with. You can suggest they donate to another child. It’s important that your child be part of this process and makes the actual decision with your support.

The second way is with clothing. With a very young child as you go through their clothing have them look at the piles of clothes that no longer fit and confirm with them that they are ready to let them go. I suggest you even ask them to come with you to the donation centre to drop them off. Including them in this process helps them to learn to let go and make decisions, which is an important step in the organization.

The third way is through artwork. Once a month you can review the pieces of art made by your children and ask them to select those that they are ready to recycle. It’s important that they physically put the item into the recycle bin themselves. Through this process they will learn to pick out the more treasured pieces from those that no longer hold value to them. If your child is struggling with letting go of a piece of their art, offer to take a digital photo for them.

Remember to reward the child for his or her decision-making. This way they will associate organization with positive reinforcement and keep them coming back for more. What methods do you use to teach them organizing skills?

Holiday Gift Wrapping

How many of you out there will be furiously wrapping gifts at midnight on Christmas Eve? The time it takes to wrap holidays gifts is often under estimated and can cause a great deal of stress. Especially if your supplies are scattered throughout your home and you already feel frazzled. frazzled Now’s the time to set up a gift wrapping station. A space you dedicate for preparing packages and wrapping gifts in ease and in privacy. Perhaps it will be on the workbench in your basement or utility room, or the desk in your home office? Or maybe on the floor in your bedroom or at your kitchen table? But before you can start you need all supplies at hand. Then it’s super easy to wrap and enjoy this task. One way to keep all supplies at hand is to have a clear plastic/resin, four or five drawer rolling cart with deep drawers. Canadian Tire is one place to find these fairly inexpensively. Keep tape, scissors, stamps, and other wrapping tools in the top drawer, ribbons and bows in the next, flat pieces of wrapping paper & remnant paper in third drawer, gifts boxes and gift bags in the fourth and fifth drawers. Wrapping paper can be corralled in an old crock pot or an umbrella stand.
Also, before you go out and purchase gift wrapping supplies, check out your own home first. Often times we forget that we bought supplies at last years’ post holiday sales. So enjoy wrapping your gifts this year and take some of the stress out of this holiday season.

5 Simple Holiday Gifts

We live in a consumer society where the word “gift” is such a loaded question. Gift giving should not be a stressful experience. It should be something that comes from the heart and says “I’m thinking of you” and not a test of how much someone cares or loves you. This holiday season don’t worry about your gift being too modest or falling short of someone’s expectations. Why fall prey to the commercial manipulations of the holiday season? Here’s 5 simple gifts for the holidays which you can be proud of giving:

1. Gifts of your time & friendship
2. Warm cookies on a cold winter day
3. Board games to bring families together
4. A favorite book, re-wrapped to share and be treasured by others
5. A “voucher” for a home-made dinner you serve up to a friend

Push back against the blatant calls of the gift industry and don’t have your gift to someone special be found languishing at next years’ garage sale. Strive to keep it simple, pure, from one heart to another.

How will you keep this year’s holiday gift giving pure and from your heart? Let’s hear your ideas!

Knapsack & Bag Organizing

A question I’ve heard from client’s lately is how to get their handbag, satchel or knapsack organized.
The answer is to compartmentalize your stuff which not only helps you to find things easily without digging deep into your bag, but also makes it easier to change bags and move things from one to another. I recently attended the 2011 POC (Professional Organizers in Canada) Conference where I ran across an innovative organizing product called “GRID-IT!” by Cocoon Innovations. It’s an extremely versatile solution for organizing everything from digital devices, personal and household items. It consists of a woven, rubberized retention pad with endless ways to utilize it. Just place your items on the “GRID IT!pad” and drop the pad in your bag.
Grid It! organizer pad
Comes in tons of sizes and variations. Then you just pull out the pad when you need one of your items. Easy. Simple. Functional. I love it!

Organizing Your Photos

Everyone has family photos. Especially if you have children, you probably have tons of photos but not much time to get them organized the way you like. Life gets in the way. Here’s a few things to think about before you start. Sort backlogs of photos by collecting show boxes or plastic containers and write a year on each one. Sort photos into their correct year. This can be done in brief sessions – even twenty minutes a night will make a big difference by the end of the week. Along the way eliminate any ugly photos, blurry images and duplicates. Once the pictures are sorted by year, decide how you want to sort them further. By event? By theme? Chronologically? Then you can choose how you want to show and/or display them. You will have a better idea of what size box, album or frames you’ll need. Good luck and let me know how it’s going!

Organizing Your Bathroom

Often times my clients are short on bathroom space, especially cupboards and drawers to hold grooming and cosmetic supplies. A great fix for that is to purchase an over-the-door shoe organizer that has deep pockets for storage of products. The organizer can hold not only curling irons, hairdryers, brushes, etc. but also can hold shampoo bottles, hairsprays and other bathroom grooming products so you can easily see exactly what you have and be able to retrieve the items without having to bend over and knock other items over in the process of retrieval or return. If you’re on the shorter side, simply cut off the bottom half of the organizer and mount the top half on hooks at waist level so you can reach inside. Try it and let me know what you think!

Getting Organized…

Getting organized is really about forming new habits that will, undoubtedly, reduce stress & frustration and save you time and money for the things in your life that are most important to you. Change is hard. I feel this myself, especially when it comes to new technology. My husband would say I’m a “techno-phobe”, although I think I’ve grown substantially over the last two years in that regard. In fact, I would even go so far as to say I have surpassed him in terms of communication technology. Entertainment technology, not so much. I am the proud owner of a Blackberry, which I use tirelessly. Without this I would not be able to work efficiently, staying on top of everything from my emails, my contacts and research necessary to operate a successful business. I also recently acquired a new laptop for our office. With a new laptop, comes new, updated software, the switch to which can be frustrating. However, it’s well worth it when you realize the additional benefits of a faster operating system and new elements that make your “to-do” list a lot easier to manage. Why not challenge yourself, move outside your comfort zone and try something new in technology? The benefits will surprise you, organization will be your favourite word and you’ll feel great conquering something new!

Organizing Your Closets

After meeting with a few new clients today for consultations it struck me that, when it comes to closet organizing, I receive the same questions and hear the same dilemmas. Often times clients will tell me they have tried to organize their closets on many occasions only to have their attempts fail over and over again. Here’s a quick tip to start your organizing project: organize your closet when it’s at its fullest. You need to make sure that all your clothes for the season are clean, all items back from the dry-cleaners and all other items, namely, belts, bags, scarves, etc. are in your room so everything is in one place and you can see all that you have. There should be nothing in transit. This way when you begin to organize your space you will be working with all the clothes that you own. When you are make sure you have a place to put the laundry and dry cleaning.