Clutterbgone Television Debut on Rogers

Yesterday was an interesting day for me. I appeared on Rogers daytime TV with hosts Elaine Yim-Spencer and Jeff Moore to talk about professional organizing and to demonstrate a few pretty cool products to get your life and home organized.  Here’s the video: Neat Freak was great enough to supply me with components of […]

Common Traits of Chronic Disorganization

Do you think you might be chronically disorganized?   Does being disorganized negatively affect your life in some way? Or has getting organized been a challenge for most of your adult life and you’ve made many attempts of getting organized that just don’t seem to work out?  If any of this rings true for you, continue reading this […]

Regift And Recycle

Here’s a word that, for many people, makes them cringe:  “re gifting”.  In my opinion re gifting is great!  Not only for the planet but also for your own home organization.  Lets face it.  Sometimes, with the gift giver’s best of intentions, we receive something that just does not fit with our home or personal […]

Organizing For Healthy Living – 3 Tricks

Have you ever thought about how disorganization in your life results in increased stress and frustration for you & your family? The effect of being chronically disorganized has a huge impact on your level of stress which can manifest itself in various forms of poor health. I know we all want to lower the stress in our […]

Organizing A Home Office

There are many people out there that work from or at home and have set up a home office for their needs.  However, sometimes the business of running your business gets out of control and you end up with paper clutter and debris everywhere.  A large number of people who contact me for organizing assistance have […]

5 Things You May Not Realize Are Recylable

As many of you already know, I recently attended the POC (Professional Organizers in Canada) Conference and came away with a ton of new information and ideas to share with everyone.  The speakers at this conference were all pretty amazing with a wealth of experience in organizing.  When organizing my clients’ homes we often come […]

4 Tips for Overcoming Procrastination

Do you ever think that maybe you’re chronically disorganized? If you think you may be, it’s likely that procrastination has been and continues to be a habit that you’ve formed over your lifetime. This can be a challenge in getting organized, however you can develop and form new habits that will conquer procrastination. Courtesy of […]

7 Benefits Of Decluttering And Organizing

While on site at a client’s home today it was very apparent that in the short time we had been working on various projects in the home, they had already derived a great deal of benefit from the work done so far. As such, I think it’s important that everyone realize the 7 key benefits […]

3 Ways To Teach Children To be Organized

With the holiday season in full swing, what better time than now to teach your children how to let go of items and be organized. You’re never too young to start. The first way is in regards to their toys. Go through toys with your child every 6 months and point out which toys they […]

Holiday Gift Wrapping

How many of you out there will be furiously wrapping gifts at midnight on Christmas Eve? The time it takes to wrap holidays gifts is often under estimated and can cause a great deal of stress. Especially if your supplies are scattered throughout your home and you already feel frazzled. Now’s the time to set […]