Organizing For A Conference

I’m at the POC (Professional Organizers in Canada) conference in downtown Toronto today and have to share this great tip from Laurene of Organize Me 101 for staying organized when at a conference. Firstly, gather all your conference materials in a small binder that has a plastic outer front and back insert cover that allows you to place paper inside the insert on the exterior of the binder. Then take your agenda for your conference and insert it on the exterior front binder cover so it’s easily visible and you don’t need to hunt around to find out where you’re going next. On the exterior back insert place a map of the hotel or conference centre so you’ll be able to find your way around to all the different rooms. What a great organizing idea for conference attendees! Thanks Laurene!

Continuing With The Ambitious Organizing, Decluttering & Staging project….

The next couple of days working at the site were strenuous, both physically and emotionally. We continued to remove items from the 1,000 square foot attic, uncovering some surprising, and not so surprising possessions. Tons of family historical memorabilia continued to be uncovered as well as a few small deceased furry creatures and plenty of their droppings. Not at all surprising of course, for this type of project. As the attic spaces began to reveal themselves, there appeared a light at the end of the tunnel. In the evening hours when our assistant labour came on board, we moved down to other areas of the home and began focusing on the office space. This one was another challenge due to the sheer volume of paper to be reviewed and processed. Here’s a photo of the office space we were working on.
Home Office Before Organizing
Office decluttering and editing is one of the most challenging as it can be very tedious for the client. Changing direction within the office, such that paperwork would be reviewed for a hour or so, and then I would redirect the client towards something a little more interesting, such as paper memorabilia and other historical items found in that space. A change of pace is critical to keep focus and the client on task. While my client focused on editing this particular space, I changed direction to ensure we were going to meet the time lines for the disposal truck, arriving within two days. The pressure was definitely on!