Organizing And Downsizing With Seniors – A Case Study Part 3

In my last post being Part 2 of this case study, I talked about how the organizing projects I do with my clients are like Disneyland for me.  I get quite excited going through the various spaces with my clients knowing that the changes we make will be transformational. Continuing with the tour Moving along […]

Organizing and Downsizing with Seniors – A Case Study Part 2

This is part two of my earlier blog/case study of working with a wonderful couple in their mid to late sixties, the motivation for their organizing project and the process in general. Facilitating change Facilitating change and effective communication was essential in this particular project. After 40 years together in the same home in which […]

A Case Study of Motivation For Getting Organized and Downsizing

I’ve started a new organizing and de-cluttering project with a wonderful couple in their mid to late sixties. They called me because the state of their home is straining their relationship of 40 years.    It’s not at all unusual that disorganization and clutter in a household can cause stress and tension between couples no matter […]

Downsizing: Tips To Be A Minimalist In Your Home

Minimalism.  Living more simply. Streamlining. We hear these words and statements more often now, especially because so many people are downsizing their spaces.  I work each week with space-challenged clients to solve their organizing problems and I think that makes me somewhat of an expert on the issue. Of course there are many advantages to […]

Helping Older Adults & Seniors Downsize

Every year thousands of older adults and seniors face the decision of whether to downsize to smaller living accommodations or to stay in their existing homes.  For some the decision to downsize is made for them due to serious illness or perhaps the death of a loved one.  Sometimes the comfort and safety of people […]

5 Reasons Cluttered Homes Don’t Sell

This article was originally published on the Comfree Blog, where I am a frequent contributor. You can view the original article here. You’ve got several people in line to take a look at your house that you’ve just put up for sale. The lawn is immaculate, the driveway is as smooth as glass, and there […]

Downsize And Simplify Your Life

Downsizing is creating in a smaller space and can often be a daunting process.  For seniors it can be even more overwhelming, especially when you have lived in a home for several decades collecting numerous possessions along the way. Every year, thousands of older adults and seniors leave their larger homes for smaller, more manageable […]

Quick Tips For Preparing Your Home For Sale

Selling your home can be a very stressful experience.  So why not make it as simple and easy as possible to get your home ready and sold quickly.  This requires you to look at your home with fresh eyes.  But with the following tips to get your home ready for sale you will be well […]

The Valuation Of Possessions …

There is a difference between the value of an object and how it actually fits in your life. One of the challenges that I face when working with my clients is their idea of what is valuable.  This usually occurs when we are paring down possessions and a client is hesitant to let something go […]

Paring Down Your Vases?

How many vases is too many vases?  I have been in client’s homes assisting with their organizational needs and it never fails that we come across vases in the kitchen, in the dining room, sometimes even plopped down somewhere in the basement.  We all have received them for birthdays, get well’s, anniversaries etc. yet we […]