Closet Organizing

Small Closet, Lots of Clothes: What to Do?

When your bedroom closet is smaller than you would like and packed with clothes, how do you organize it? Here is a more affordable solution if you don’t want to knock down walls to expand it.

Declutter the Closet

The main thing is to declutter the space. This time is well spent as it will have many benefits, including a more attractive-looking area where it is easy to find what you want to wear.

Imagine not having to sift through stacks of clothes to find a shirt in the morning! You will also have more room, which makes the closet appear bigger because you will have less items in the end.

organizing clothes closet

Decide What to Toss and Keep

This part is the most difficult one in the process for most people. It’s natural to form emotional connections with many things in the closet. For example, you might hold onto a sweater because it reminds you of a special day.

Our professional organizer makes it easier by bringing objectivity to the process. We never push and go at a pace that is comfortable for you, whether we are there in-person or virtually.

The goal here is to donate or sell the clothes that taking up room in the closet that you don’t wear anymore. They are taking up valuable space in the small closet.

Storage Solutions

Storage containers and baskets help organize a space and combat clutter. Plus, the area looks more visually-appealing afterward as an extension of the bedroom.

Another suggestion is to pack away clothes from other seasons as you won’t be wearing them right now. Choose totes that fit easily under the bed, in a crawlspace, or attic so that they are out of sight until you want them again.

We are happy to suggest storage systems that we find have worked well with clients in the past. We can also help you maintain the closet by giving you tips for after we leave or returning after a certain number of months.

Other Organizational Tips

You might also want to add shelving or install a pre-made closet organizer. Extender rods are also useful for creating more hanging space easily, as are wall hooks.

If you choose these additions, we can help you set them up and suggest how best to put your clothes in them. How much we help is up to you; we are here to support you in the process!

Finally, look at what is in the bedroom closet. Do you use it to store things other than clothes and accessories? If so, it is time to give those miscellaneous things a new place within the home.

For example, holiday decor could go into the closet in the spare room. Bulky coats could go into the hallway closet.

Creating a More Useful Bedroom Closet

As you go into this closet at least once a day, it’s important to make it a space that you like rather than one that you loathe. As it is relatively small, you must make conscious decisions about what to keep in it.

Our professional organizer understands the process and makes it easier to declutter a closet or another part of your home. Call us today to learn more.