Case Study: Decluttering & Downsizing an Estate After the Passing of a Loved One – Part II

Estate downsizing GTA

Last week we told you about a recent downsizing project we had completed for a client whose parents had passed away. They had been living in their GTA home for over 50 years. Their home was chock full of items to be disposed of in one manner or another in order for the home to be listed for sale and ultimately sold.

We had completed the initial consult, were surprised with the actual scope of work to be done and met with a rather unpleasant surprise, a mouse infestation. Enough of the teasing, let’s get to the results.

The results

As we were pulling items from the crawl space, much of what we retrieved was so severely infested with mice feces and urine that it had to be tossed in the waste bin we had dropped. We actually filled four entire 20-yard bins with items that could not be salvaged for either donation or sale. The crawl space alone took our team 2 full days to empty and sort – tough work as the crawl space was only 3 feet in height. All work down there was performed on a mechanic’s creeper on wheels so we could easily maneuver.

During the process we were thrilled to discover a large number of vintage items that would reward our client with good prices during auction. There was also a significant number of tools, electric and otherwise that would be auctioned off as well, including a generator, numerous drills and other cool items.

Remember the garage I mentioned earlier? Estate organizing GTAWhen we began sorting through everything we found not only a wooden desk buried beneath debris, but also a kayak, motorcycle, boat motor other sporting goods as well as a variety of construction items, all easily auction able.

When we reached out to an on-line auction house we had worked with in the past, they were pleasantly surprised to see the large variety of items, including all the housewares, dish wares and furniture items, plus a piano and vintage accordion!

Once we carved out all the items for sale, donation, trash, toxic waste and keep, we ended up with over 147 lots of items for auction! We then coordinated with a team the auction house provided to come in and professional photograph and catalogue all the lots, coordinating the timing of the auction with the deadline for listing the home for sale.

I don’t know if you have ever followed an online auction but boy, does the action ever heat up on the last day and in the last few hours. Estate organizing GTACoins, clothing, furniture and everything you can think of was sold during the auction. Have you heard the expression “one mans junk is another mans treasure”? Well it’s so true. I myself was so surprised at what some of the items brought in at the end of the auction. All the items in the auction came in at just under $10,000! And to think the real estate agent and client initially thought they would just toss everything into the waste bins! Thank goodness, we were able to advise them otherwise.

In summary

ClutterBGone loves to give back and with our generous clients we’re able to do that on a regular basis. Many items from this project went to a few different charities including one for new immigrants. Our team was in the home for seven days and managed to get through everything and get the house in order and staged for sale. The house sold within 30 days of the job completion and sold for over market value. It would have been for a lot less in its original state.

And the auction? Our client made enough to pay for our services and then some so he was extremely happy and that’s what it’s all about to us – a happy client.

We’re so thrilled with the results of this project and with the effort put in by our team. Our service partners were also a big help on this one.

Big or small we love them all. Downsizing and organizing is what we do. Contact us here to see how we can rescue you from your organizational challenge!