Can You Make Room For Santa?

Do you have a head start on purchasing your holiday gifts or are you going to leave it to the last minute – again? Like it or not the holidays are approaching. Now is a great time to take stock of your child’s toys to make room for the new toys that Santa and family will be bringing into your home in order to make the holidays less stressful than they already are.

Kids receive a lot of toys at holiday time. Many toys are abandoned right after Christmas and left at the bottom of a toy box or closet as your child quickly outgrows certain toys. Or it could be that the particular item just didn’t hold their interest. All kids have their go-to toys and many have toys that are no longer required.

Broken toys

broken toysThese are the easiest to deal with. We all have them. Toys that are broken but were never dealt with at the time and now reside at the bottom of the toy box. Out they go! Even those toys with critical missing parts that you think just may turn up………it’s time to discard those as well to make room for the new stuff.

Out with the old

With toddlers and younger children it’s easy to go through the toys and make the decisions yourself. You may want to separate the toys into categories and then separate those into toys you will toss, toys you will donate and toys you will store for later (visiting children, more children, special treats for sick days, etc.)

Get the kids involved

Happy-Children-Picture-7Older kids like to be involved and will want a say in what decisions are made with their “stuff”. It’s only fair and sets a good example of respect. Have them start with choosing the toys they no longer like or play with. It often helps to separate the toys into categories and then have them pick their top 5 or 10 from each category. Explain to them that some of their toys are no longer appropriate as they have grown and space is needed to accommodate the new toys that are sure to come their way. They can also help to take the donations to the donation center to see what happens to them and how they have helped others. Donation centers love to receive toys before Christmas to help out those that need the toys as gifts for Christmas.

Plush = dust

Those plush toys are nice and there is nothing wrong with having a few on hand, but they really are dust collectors and magnets for dust mites. Unless you are willing to clean them at least once every couple of months, try to keep the quantity to just 4 or 5 absolute favorites for space, allergy and health reasons.

Gain some insight

As you sift through the toys and work with your kids you’re going to find out what type of toy they now like and perhaps what exact toy they would love to have. This information will come in handy when Grandma and Grandpa ask what they want or need for gifts. It should also help to reduce the number of toys they receive that they just won’t use.

Take stock of your storage

multi-bin-toy-organizerThis is also be a great time to determine if your child requires any additional storage space for toys or if the storage system you use is still workable for you and them. Make sure you have enough clear plastic bins to store the small toys so they don’t end up in the bottom of a toy box and never used. In fact, I recommend you discard the toy box entirely. If you insist on keeping it, then only one category of item should live in the toy box. For example, many clients use a toy box for a dress-up chest so all the costumes live in the box.

Now is the perfect time to start paring down the toys before the chaos known as the holiday season sets in. If you require assistance contact us and we can talk. Let us know how you make out!