Why You Buy Things You Don’t Need

buy things you don't need

We are a society of consumers. Go to your local mall at almost any time and look at the sea of people shopping. I dare you to easily find a parking spot at Costco but let’s not stop there, Amazon and other on-line retailers are also growing like crazy.

We buy a lot of things we really don’t need. We get the items home and realize we really didn’t need them. Have you ever thought about why you buy items you really don’t need? Below are a list of just a few reasons.

You can’t find what you’re looking for

I myself have done this. buy things you don't needWe need something but because we can’t readily find it we head out to buy another. The “lost” one always turns up doesn’t it? Having an organized space really does allow you to easily see what you have and saves you the money and time on buying another. We understand this is a common issue with clients we’ve worked with so let’s put an end to duplicate buying.

Buying things makes us happy

True, but at what cost? Sure, a new pair of shoes, a new appliance, whatever we purchase is bound to make us happy. That happiness only lasts a short time though and we’re on to the next. If this continues which most likely than not it does, you are then left with no space to put anything else and a room or rooms that’s cluttered. Let’s not even mention the credit cards bills that come later.

It’s a great deal

It’s only a great deal if you really need it. buy things you don't needMany of our clients’ homes are jammed with those “freebies” that come with another purchase. Guess what? They’re not free. The costs of those freebies are built into the cost of whatever you have to buy to get them and those freebies or samples are normally the things we end up throwing away when we start a project. Don’t be fooled into parting with your hard-earned money because the truth of the matter is you’re going to spend even more to rid your home of everything collected.


Remember the FloBee, that thing that attaches to your vacuum to cut hair? Do you own a fondue pot? A Chia pet? How about the Clapper? ClutterBGone has come across all of these, and more, in clients’ homes. Most of these fad items are just that – fads. It’s a blast to go down memory lane but I’ll bet you’re not that organized if you still have any of these items still in your home.

These are a just few reasons why we purchase things we don’t need or use. Do any strike a chord with you? If you need help getting organized or downsizing after having spent a few years accumulating things you don’t want then all you have to do is contact us here or give ClutterBGone a call at 905-642-5669.