Breaking The Cycle Of Clutter and Chronic Disorganization – A Case Study


Decluttering Services Toronto

Not that long ago we were tasked with helping a client and her family declutter and organize their home. This was a special job in that both the husband and the wife had come from a background of severe clutter in their respective family homes where they grew up. In fact, both came from homes that bordered on hoarding and were never taught the benefits of an organized home let alone how to get organized.

If you don’t live in an organized home or teach your children the benefits of being organized, the lack of organization can easily contribute to poor grades in school and may end up affecting your performance on the job in the future.

Our clients realized the importance of home organization and, with a newborn in their home, they wanted to get organized, stay organized and teach this important skill to their own child. They saw their parents living in a state of clutter and chaos their whole lives, never inviting anyone into their home for fear of being embarrassed, so our clients decided to put an end to the cycle.

organized childs room

When living at their respective family homes they themselves developed their own social anxieties and felt shame when having friends over to play. They did not want this cycle to continue.

It was hard for them at first, having a team go through the house, working with them to sort, categorize, de-clutter and at times challenge them on what they wanted to keep or where they wanted to keep it.

Decluttering and organizing isn’t just throwing items away. It’s a process of determining what is important to you, thinking about how you function in your home, what is essential, and setting up a system that works for you in order to maintain a clutter free home after our work is completed.

We pride ourselves in being friends to the environment as well so any items that are leaving the home will be looked at for possible sale or donation before it’s deemed suitable for the trash.

Our clients were determined to see this project through and quickly became part of our team working alongside us as well as being the final decision makers. They saw that we were non-judgemental and our only aim was to ensure that we accomplished their goal of creating a clutter-free, organized and functional home that they would be proud to entertain in and have their child’s friends come over to play without embarrassment.


With the help of a few clear bins of various sizes, we found a home for all the necessary and important items and left our clients with a system that works for them and is relatively low maintenance. We even arranged for the removal of items that were leaving the house.

“I feel like it is a miracle that we have found your company, who non-judgmentally, works with us, and allows us to get to a better sense of self-worth as it relates to controlling our clutter and developing a welcoming safe haven for our child to grow up in. ” Their words, not ours.

I can’t think of a job that we’ve completed where we didn’t feel like we had helped our clients surpass their goals and complement their lives. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – We love what we do! We have a passion and drive to transform our client’s lives.