guide to organizing the bedroom

Time to Organize Your Bedroom? This Guide’s for You

Your bedroom is the place you start and end the day, so spending the time organizing it to be a more restful and aesthetically pleasing room is well worth it. The tips below will help you do exactly that, from the drawers to the closet.


Decluttering drawers is a great place to start. They are small areas that you can organize relatively quickly, and the space you open up by doing so is great for storing other items.

Clear out anything in your dresser, side tables, bed frame, and other drawers, only leaving behind what you use. Adding drawer dividers is an easy and inexpensive way to organize items and keep them that way. You can even make your own dividers from cardboard.

Under the Bed

While this isn’t a place that many people see, it is still an area that is prone to clutter. Rather than ignoring it with the “out of sight, out of mind” strategy, remove what’s under the bed and assess what to keep or donate.

Then, find a suitable storage solution for putting the possessions you want to hold onto. It could be as simple as a few plastic containers that fit beneath the bed.

organize your bedroom closet

The Closet

Go through your clothes ask yourself honestly what you still wear and what can go to charity or friends and family. Holding onto garments that you haven’t worn in the last year is likely just taking up valuable space in the closet.

Consider folding out-of-season clothes and storing them elsewhere to clear space. Putting them into luggage is an easy way to keep them without requiring extra room.

If you notice there’s no room for shoes, what about adding a floating shelf or two in the closet for them? You can also free up part of the closet by adding hooks to the walls for purses and hats. Walls are often a forgotten place for storage.

More Organizing Tips for the Bedroom

If you have a small bedroom, you might feel it’s hopeless to organize as clutter easily accumulates. But our professional organizers insist that with some creativity, even a tiny room is one they can organize and keep it that way.

For example, hang your clothes hamper from a hook on the back of the door so that it won’t take up floor space. Also, store tank tops on shower curtain rings rather than individual hangers to save space in the closet. You can fit a dozen on one ring!

Adding a headboard that has built-in storage is another suggestion. This headboard is where you can store books, extra clothes, clean sheets, and more.

Don’t forget the other end of the bed too. That is where you can put an ottoman with storage or a trunk. Fill it with blankets, sheets, towels, or folded clothes.

Making the Most of Your Bedroom

The tips above will help you keep the room tidy and organized, which allows you to enjoy a restful night of sleep and wake up to a calm atmosphere, rather than cluttered chaos. Reach out to us for more bedroom organizing solutions!

organizing tips for new moms

Organizing Tips for New Moms

A baby brings so much joy to a home, but it also can bring stress if your living environment isn’t organized. To help make your days easier, try one or more of these tips from our professional organizers.

Use a Calendar

A calendar that everyone in the household has easy access to is essential. It will keep everyone in the loop about daily activities and also their responsibilities.

This calendar covers everything from taking out the trash to who makes dinner tonight. Whether it is a paper calendar that hangs in the kitchen or an electronic one that everyone shares are up to you and your family.

Bins for Toys

The number of toys your little one accumulates will likely grow rapidly. To keep them organized, use clear bins so that you can see instantly what is inside, saving both time and effort when in search of a particular one.

Sort them into categories, such as dinosaurs and dress-up costumes, and then add labels. Before going to bed each night, put them back into the correct bins. As your child gets older, they will take over this nightly responsibility.

organizing tips for moms

Let Go of Stuff

As your baby grows, they will outgrow clothes and toys, as well as needing different essentials. While letting go of adorable onesies is difficult, it is essential to avoid stressful clutter in the home.

Stay on top of things by putting things they have outgrown into containers to donate to charity or give to a family or friend who is expecting a child. Stay on top of it by labeling the items according to age. While it’s difficult to let go of things, many of them will no longer be needed and can help others rather than just sitting in a closet taking up space.

Multiple Baby Change Stations

Having to go to one room in the house every time the baby needs changing is exhausting. Instead, set up two change stations, each one with diapers, wipes, and other must-haves.

Not only will this save you energy but also time. Keep the essentials in a cute basket, so it doesn’t look messy.

Space Out Laundry Loads

For any new mom, laundry is a dreaded chore. It never seems to end, and your day is busy enough already.

To avoid feeling overwhelmed by piles of baby clothes, try to do one load a day. That is more manageable, and you’ll get that great feeling of having it folded and put away by bedtime.

Also, time the load so that it doesn’t slow down your day. For example, put the washing machine on before having breakfast and put on the dryer before leaving the house.

Create Baby’s Nursery Closet

Regular closets are not meant to organize baby’s clothing and other must-haves. To maximize the space, add rods, shelves, and even a dresser in the closet if you have the room.

Our professional organizers are here to help you create an organized closet, even if it’s a small space. We can also provide other valuable time-saving tips to make your day smoother. Our team includes moms who will show you what worked for them and personalize the home to your family’s needs. Reach out to us today for a free consultation!

benefits of organizing

7 Benefits of Organizing Your Home

You’ve likely often heard that decluttering and organizing the house is good to do, but the reason for it might not be apparent. Here are seven of the top benefits of doing so.

1.      Save Money

When everything is sorted and in its set place, seeing what you have and what is missing is readily apparent. How will that save you money? You will no longer be going to the store to buy something you already have but didn’t know it because of the clutter!

2.      Less Stress

Continually looking at a messy area like a kitchen gets tiring, literally. It can weigh on your mind, reminding you that the room needs organizing as you go about your already busy day. Once tidied, the stress leaves your mind and body as you feel in control of your living environment again.

3.      Sleep Better

You might not realize it, but a cluttered bedroom can keep you awake at night. Plus, organizing last-minute before bedtime in preparation for the next day can wind up your mind, which isn’t going to help you relax. When you enter a clean, decluttered bedroom, you can feel more at ease, which is conducive to good sleep.

4.      Save Time

Looking for items when you need them within messy piles gets tiring. It takes up valuable time in your day, slowing you down and adding unnecessary stress. When you find a place to store things and put them back there each time after use, you will find that you save time. That frees you up to do more of what you enjoy, such as a hobby or time with family.

5.      More Confident

When you are proud of the tidy, organized home you live in, you are more likely to be confident. You can look forward to having loved ones over and showing off the great-looking space. Rather than feeling shame about where you live, positive feelings about your living environment will surround you, and that’s a great thing! Plus, taking care of your place can be empowering.

benefits of organizing

6.      Healthier Environment

When the room is clean, it no longer holds dirt, dust, and bacteria that can harm your physical health. You may also notice your body struggling to deal with the stress that accompanies clutter. Your mental health can benefit in the ways already discussed, so it’s important to organize the house to feel your best in both body and mind.

7.      Have Loved Ones Over

Enjoy being able to have family and friends over at the last minute when you have an organized home. It is easier to maintain when you keep it tidy and there is no anxiety about a mess awaiting visitors who show up unexpectedly at the front door.

As you can see, there are many benefits to an organized home environment. If you feel overwhelmed by the clutter or are not sure quite where to begin, reach out to our friendly organizers for help today. You deserve to enjoy the benefits listed above!

organizing small homes

5 Brilliant Organizing Ideas for a Small Home

When you have a small house, being clever with storage and organization can help you make the most of the space. That’s far more affordable than putting an extension on the home, and it’s just as satisfying. Here are five ideas to start you on your way:

1. Purge What is Not Needed

If you’re like most people, you hold onto things because you might need them someday. But often, someday never comes.

For example, you might be keeping class assignments from a decade ago in case you can use that research one day. Or, you might have knickknacks sitting in boxes for years.

If you can move past the fear of throwing things away, purging can be very empowering when you’re done. If you’re unsure what to keep or toss, ask yourself when the last time was you used the item, and if it’s been several years, then that is a sign that it is one to donate or sell.

2. Go High… Or Low

There is likely unused space, even though your home feels small. For example, if your closet is filled to the max when it comes to floor space, there could be room above the hangers for shelving.

This extra shelf is where you can store out-of-season clothing, as well as hats and purses. Put the items into matching baskets to organize them and create a nice look.

If there isn’t space above, then go below instead. That could be under-bed storage or adding a bench at the foot of the bed for extra linens and blankets.

3. Easily Weed Out What You Don’t Wear

If your bedroom closet is busting at its seams, don’t worry, as there’s an easy way to pare it down. When the season starts, put all hangers facing one way. Each time you wear something, put the hanger the other way.

By the end of the season, whichever hanger has not been turned means that you haven’t wear it and it can be given away or sold. Do that each season for a year and you will have more room in the closet!

4. Use Multi-Purpose Furniture

Maximize the amount of living space by choosing items that can do double-duty. For example, your nightstands could be laundry hampers; they have bedside lamps on top and towels or sheets inside.

Or, try a coffee table that opens to store books. The goal here is to get more out of each piece of furniture so that your place looks clean and uncluttered, all while having maximum functionality.

organizing ideas for small home

5. Rotate Kids’ Toys

If your kids have a lot of stuff, they likely are playing with everything at once. If you notice they haven’t touched something for a while, put it in the basement and bring something else out in its place.

When your children don’t see certain toys for a while, they will forget about them. When they get tired of the ones currently in the house, trade them out for something from the basement. That will surprise your kids and keep things fun, all without requiring you to have a massive playroom or buy new toys.

Final Words

Are you having trouble keeping your small home organized and clutter-free? We have a lot more ideas to help, and we’re only a phone call away! Remember, it’s not about the size of your house but instead how you use that precious space.

Spring Cleaning Checklist

Your Spring Cleaning Checklist, from a Professional Organizer

Achieving a clean house is a great feeling. Not only do you have a sense of accomplishment, but you also can enjoy a clutter-free environment. To help you tackle the task like a pro, use this spring cleaning checklist from our professional organizing team.

Prioritize What to Do

While you might say, “The whole house needs cleaning,” this goal is a big one that can be overwhelming. So, before you begin, make a list of what areas of the home most need cleaning and organizing more. Put those tasks first on the list.

By the way, you’ll notice this list includes organizing, even though it is called a Spring Cleaning Checklist. That’s because it makes sense to declutter as you go, rather than dusting objects and putting them back again.

Break Down Projects into Steps

Now that you have your priorities set, break them down into easier activities. In other words, rather than looking at the whole garage, start with the workbench there.

Completing this first step will give you the confidence and motivation to keep going. Remember, it doesn’t need to be done in one day, explain our pro organizers, but the key is to continue, doing a bit each day or each week, depending on your schedule.

Spring Cleaning Checklist

Your Spring Checklist

Now that you’re ready to go, let’s look at the main spring cleaning and organizing tasks around the house, from the entranceway to the kitchen and bedrooms. As you go, put unwanted items into a donate or sell pile and those that need repairing into a separate pile until you have time to fix them.


The sunny days show the dust, so this is a major part of spring cleaning the home. Dust figurines on shelves and beneath chairs and tables in each room.

Then, hold the broom up to the top corners of the rooms to catch any cobwebs. Finally, sweep or vacuum the floors.

Shampoo Rugs

Your rugs might look tired, but that doesn’t mean that they must stay that way. Look at the label to see if they need professional cleaning or if you can do it yourself with a shampoo machine.

Clean Upholstery

Your couch could likely use a refresh too. Examine the cushions for stains and read their labels to determine how best to clean them. For a stubborn stain, consider starting with a gentle spot remover.

Wipe Drawers and Shelves

There are many surfaces to wipe clean, from the entranceway table to the utensils drawer and the inside of the fridge. While it takes time, you can feel good about removing any built-up dirt and making the surface shiny again.

Before putting everything back, use a drawer organizer or storage boxes for shelves. We can show you how to easily create a system that makes it easy to find what you want in less time.

Wash the Windows

Clean windows make the entire house look better, instantly! Also, take down window screens and thoroughly clean them.

For wooden blinds, wipe them down with a wet cloth. If you have vinyl or metal instead, mix warm water with mild dish soap instead.

Maintain a Clean Home

Now that you have a clutter-free home that feels fresh for spring, put in the time to keep it that way. That means taking the pile of clothes to donate to the local charity rather than back in your closet, as well as putting things back in their place when you’re done using them.

Do you want help spring cleaning and organizing? We’re here to help you. Contact us today!

organizing home office

Organizing the Home Office: 3 DIY Projects

With so many people working from home now, we thought it would be great to share some DIY organizing ideas! When your workspace is cluttered, the day can seem more stressful and out of control. So, take back the reins by trying one of these projects:

1. Clip-On Desk Organizers

If you have a small desk but plenty of supplies, you might be wishing for a larger work area. But all you need is to get a bit creative with expanding the work surface.

A clip-on desk organizer is a great solution to your problem. Simply clip small containers to the side of your desk to store everything from paperclips to pens and even a little potted plant.

Perhaps best of all, you can make the containers as big or as small as you want. Check out this great tutorial from!

clip on desk organizers

image compliments of

2. DIY Calendar

Along with organizing physical items, consider how to organize your time better too. A calendar is a useful tool for this very purpose!

Use it as your command center so that you never miss an appointment, birthday, or another special occasion. Making it a great-looking calendar will help you and the rest of the family gravitate toward it and feel in control.

For example, a dry erase calendar is simple and easy to manage. Simply make a clean grid on a white piece of paper with black lines and frame it behind glass. Then fill it with the current month and days using colorful dry erase pens.

Change it at the end of every month – Easy! Hang it from the wall with a stick-on hook so that you can move it whenever you want to do so without putting holes in the wall.

3. Fabric Pin Board

Do you feel like you have too many papers? If so, organize them into piles and then put each one in a clip and hang it from the board.

That’s a great way to organize your projects and keep them in clear view so you always know what to work on next. Also, when you hang the board on the wall, you’ll find that it frees up space on shelves and the desktop.

In this tutorial, check out how to add the fabric to the board and tips for choosing a great-looking frame. After all, when it looks good, you’re more likely to look forward to being in the office!

Getting More Organized in the Office

A big part of being productive in a home office is having an inviting, clutter-free space that has a good organizational system. Plus, you can focus on your work rather than stressing about cleaning up.

Get more tips on how to improve your home office from our professional organizers, no matter what room you work in, so you can get more done. Even if you don’t have a dedicated office, having a set working space is important to put you in the frame of mind to get to business when you’re there. Don’t be shy, reach out to us today!

pre post home renovation

Simplifying Your Home Reno Project with a Professional Organizer

A home remodel is exciting, whether you’re doing it to have a more comfortable and enjoyable space, increase the property value, or for another reason. It can also be a stressful time, though, with many decisions to make, so we’re offering a new pre/post home renovation service to help you through this important time.

Organizing Solutions for Pre-Renovation

When reno time comes, the first thing that usually comes to mind is boxing the items. But a crucial step to do first is to take the time to sort the possessions to decide what to keep, donate, or toss.

Doing so will save you boxing and transporting items off-site during the construction phase that you’ll never use again. Save yourself this hassle by sorting clutter from the onset.

In this pre-renovation stage, our professional organizer will work alongside you to make decluttering a stress-free experience. Deciding what to hold onto or not is difficult for many people because of the memories associated with certain items, and we totally understand that.

Rather than being pushy, ClutterBGone organizers are supportive and helpful, and we only proceed with your permission. Having someone objective beside you can make the sorting process much easier, and we can even make the arrangements for donations to go to charity.

Get help with boxing items, too, rather than going it alone. The effort you put in now organization-wise will make unpacking later much easier.

Let Us Help You After the Home Remodel Too

After the upgrade is done, our professional organizer is happy to assist by arranging a cleaning service for you and unboxing items. We can also provide suggestions on how best to set up the furniture.

To fully enjoy your new space, it helps to have a second pair of eyes looking at it. Sometimes, reimagining a space can be difficult for homeowners, especially after the upgrade.

Using the living area to its full potential is more important than ever after the renovation so that you get to enjoy it fully. We love helping people find the best “home” for items to maximize functionality and be aesthetically pleasing.

Our professional is also happy to suggest and help you implement organized solutions that fit your lifestyle, whether it’s for a closet, bedroom, home office, or another part of the house. These systems are designed to save you time, maximize the new space, reduce stress, and curtail clutter moving forward.

We’ll show you how to maintain these systems, too, or come back at regular intervals to do so for you. It might surprise you how much time you save in the average day with a well-organized home!

Setting Up a Home You Love

A renovation provides an excellent opportunity to not only better your living space but set up new, better organized habits. Looking at ways to fully utilize the area with the help of a professional organizer will maximize your remodel project and cut down the stress.

Call us today for a free consultation on how ClutterBGone can help you through the renovation process. We look forward to hearing from you!

Downsizing Tips For Seniors

5 Creative Downsizing Tips for Seniors

For seniors who are ready to downsize, there are many options available. Perhaps you are moving from a house to a smaller home or apartment, or to a retirement community instead. Whichever you choose, the transition will involve paring down belongings to accommodate a smaller physical space. To make the process easier in retirement, here are five creative strategies.

1. Only Create Two Piles: Yes or No

As you go through household items, the number of memories that will crop up will likely be many. It might be tempting to create a “maybe” pile!

But a more effective strategy for reducing the number of items is to stick to only two piles. One is “yes” (keep), and one is “no” (toss, recycle, or give away).

As you pick up each item, ask yourself if you have used it within the past year. If not, why would you pack it up to take to the new residence?

2. Invite Family Members Over

Rather than going it alone, consider inviting kids and grandchildren over to help you with the packing process. Not only can having more people around help you feel supported during this life transition, but you will also have bonding time.

While they are there, share some of the stories behind your favorite mementos. This loving atmosphere is a wonderful way to spend the days leading up to the move.

3. Take Photos of Keepsakes

If you have large collections of figurines or something else, they will take up valuable space in your smaller residence and likely stay in boxes there. You still want to hold onto the associated memories but simply won’t have the storage room. What to do?

The creative solution is to keep some and take photographs of the rest, rather than keeping them all. Then, print out the pics and create a photo book to look through every time you want to remember the good times associated with the possessions.

Box up your photos

4. Use Clear Bags

If you plan to store items in bags, use clear ones temporarily. The concept here is, well, transparent (excuse the pun!).

Choosing clear rather than black trash bags allows you to see what is in each one immediately. Otherwise, it’s a guessing game, and you might accidentally toss the wrong one.

5. Hire a Professional

Enlisting the help of an expert organizer can save you a lot of stress while downsizing. Rest assured that ClutterBGone involves you in all plans and decisions, only moving forward with your approval.

We work around your schedule and lifestyle, and we can help you unbox after moving day in addition to before it. Finally, our friendly organizer can help you bring touches of home to the new place so that you can still enjoy the beloved memories made over the years.

Conclusion on Downsizing

Deciding what to keep can be difficult, no matter your age. But the time you take to do so can help make moving to a smaller place or seniors’ community easier as stress-inducing clutter won’t surround you.

organizing for new baby

How to Organize Your Home for a New Baby

Congratulations on the upcoming birth of your baby! If you’re wondering how to prep the home for the little one’s arrival, the tips below are for you. By putting in the effort now, you can settle in easier with a newborn at home.

Create Stations Around the House

This is an exciting time but also a chaotic one! The last thing you want to have to do is go to the other end of the house to get diapers or a bottle when your cutie is crying in your arms.

To make your life easier, set up stations around the house for feeding and changing. For example, consider keeping diapers in more places than just the nursery. You might also have stacks in the bedroom and living room, for example. Add wipes and other essentials at each station.

To keep these areas tidy, put the must-haves into bins or baskets. Not only will these storage containers help you keep stuff together, but they will also look attractive.

Get the Needed Supplies – and Plenty of Them

Heading to the store for things you need will be more challenging once the baby arrives than it was before. But that doesn’t mean there won’t be a lot of necessities for the new baby and you, so make sure you stock up on those things now.

Buying a big box of diapers, for example, makes more sense than a smaller one. Also, try to store extras in bins to keep them organized and easy to find when you require them down the road.

organizing home for new baby

Declutter to Make Space for the Baby

Now that you have the items to meet the newborn’s needs, you’ll have to find the space to store them. Even in a small place or if you don’t have a designated nursery, we can still help you do so by getting creative with storage solutions.

An upcoming baby also has a way of shifting parents’ priorities, so you might find that certain things that seemed critical before are now easier to part with. Finding more space is possible by adding shelves to walls, closet organizers, and more.

In addition to clearing drawers and closet space for the baby’s things, also create room in the kitchen. Larger drawers in the kitchen area are great for storing breastfeeding supplies or formula and then more solid foods for them in the future. Choose low drawers so that your little one can reach their snacks when they get old enough to walk.

Sort Their Clothes by Size

It’s probably a fair assumption to say that you have quite a few baby clothes by now. To save time and energy weeding through piles to find something for the newborn to wear each day, organize them based on size before the baby gets here.

The smallest ones will go in the dresser for easy access, while the larger ones can go into totes for use later. Be sure to label each bag so that you know the size as babies grow quickly!

As the due date approaches, reach out to us for additional organizational tips to suit your unique home and preferences. We can also help you maintain storage systems after the baby’s arrival. We are wishing your family much happiness!

time to hire a professional organizer

When Is It Time to Hire a Professional Organizer?

If you’re not sure when is a good time to bring in a professional organizer, this guide is for you! This expert understands how to banish clutter and create organizational systems that improve your home and your daily life. Here are times it makes sense to reach out to an organizing pro.

You’re Moving

Working with an organizer before and after a move can make the process a much smoother one and save you time. Before the move, the pro can help you sort through possessions to determine what to keep or donate. ClutterBGone will even arrange the donations with your preferred non-profit organization if you want us to do so.

After the move, one of our experts can assist you with unpacking and finding the best places to put your belongings in the new home. We can also set up organizational systems to maximize your space from day one.

A Major Life Transition

Having a baby, a career change, marriage, divorce, and aging parents are examples of big life events. When there is a major shift in your daily life, it’s natural to feel overwhelmed, and maintaining your home is likely a low priority.

Our friendly organizing expert can reduce your stress by setting up your home to meet the new demands. For example, we can organize a nursery with you before the baby arrives, help you create a fresh space after a divorce or clear clutter that puts your senior parent at risk.

time to hire a professional organizer

You Can’t Stand a Certain Area Anymore

If one space in your home never seems to get clean and tidy, you might feel at your wits’ end. When you’re not sure where to turn, consider hiring a professional organizer.

Our ClutterBGone organizers love a challenge and have innovative strategies to clear even the toughest spaces. We are here to help you tackle a closet, room, garage, or another area to turn it from cluttered to incredibly useful.

You Want More Efficiency

Are you constantly looking for things in the kitchen or home office? Do you feel like there are better ways to organize things?

If so, a pro can come in to organize the area to make it easy to find what you need when you need it. That can save you valuable time and reduce daily stress as you’ll know exactly where things are at home.

There Never Seems to Be Time

If you can never seem to find the time to declutter, hiring an organizer makes sense as this individual holds you accountable to the task. Plus, putting money toward a goal using this person’s services tends to make you value it more.

The expert will also help you finish the project in less time than if you did it alone. It is beneficial to have another person listen, guide, and support you in this process, especially when they do this for a living!

Getting the Help that You Need

Do you identify with any of these scenarios? If so, reach out to us at ClutterBGone to finally get a handle on home organization. We eliminate the stress by helping you remove clutter and create organizing systems that are beneficial and easy to both use and maintain.