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Our Career Mama of the Week is the lovely Varsha Singh from @ClutterBGone. This super mama entrepreneur shares the raw and honest truth about the importance of self care as a first time mama, and what it’s like to be a working mama to a toddler, all while running a successful business, in this week’s article.

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stay organized this year

Let Go Of These Bad Habits to Stay Organized This Year

Despite your best intentions to be better organized, you might have these three habits that are interfering with it. Whether you want to get your home clutter-free or want to make better use of your time, this guide provides a great starting point for improvements in 2022.

Quit Trying to Take On Too Much

Trying to excel at work and in personal areas of your life is commendable but doing so can lead to burnout if you continually take on more than you can handle. The result then can be that you’re overwhelmed or overworked and don’t get everything done that you intended.

Instead, only say yes to the projects that you know you can deliver on time at work. As for outside of the office, practice saying no to additional burdens to ensure you spend time doing what matters most to you with loved ones.

While saying no can be difficult at first because of perfectionism, personal beliefs, or another reason, it does get easier as you go. Be sure to leave time for self-care on the schedule to help yourself feel at your best. You deserve it.

stay organized

Put a Halt on Impulse Shopping

You’re not alone if you find it fun to shop for new furniture and decor for the home. There’s something exciting about the newness! But, if your residence already feels cluttered, consider looking around your home for what you already have that could fill the space. The object can feel “new” when you put it in a different room in the house.

Ask yourself if you really need it or not, rather than impulse shopping. Doing so can help you avoid purchasing something that is unnecessary, help keep rooms looking great, and save you some money too.

When you buy less, you have fewer things to organize at the end of the day and avoid clutter. Thinking through the buying decision has many perks!

Stop the Impulsivity: Plan Out the Project Before You Declutter

Rather than going headfirst into a project, why not think it through in advance? Doing so can save you extra steps and be more efficient with your time.

Diving into a decluttering project without thinking it through can quickly become exhausting too. Instead, take a step back and look at what works and what doesn’t in your home to evaluate what is the priority.

If you’re not sure quite where to start, bring in the professionals. Our organizer will team up with you to ensure you get all or part of your home clean and tidy in a streamlined way, exactly how you want it to be. It’s a no-pressure approach that helps you reach your organizing goals. We’re here to help you!

A Few Last Words

Be gentle with yourself as you begin new habits and break old ones. It takes effort and time to become a better you, whether you focus on organizing the home or anything else in your life. Rest assured that the attention is worth it as you sit back and enjoy a living space that is tidy and looks terrific.

selling your home

What to Declutter before Listing Your Home

When someone is interested in buying your home, they want to see every part of it. They look in every nook and cranny, so it’s vital to have the rooms looking their best. That involves maximizing the space by reducing clutter. Help house hunters envision themselves living there by organizing it well and preparing to put it on the market. These tips can help you do exactly that.

Begin Outside

Good curb appeal is essential. In other words, put in the time and effort to make your home look great from the street when a potential buyer first sees it. Doing so can increase your home’s value and even get you an offer sooner.

That means giving your front door, outdoor lighting, and any outdoor living spaces a once-over to make sure they look fantastic. A fresh coat of paint or stain on the front door and a trim lawn could make a huge difference. As for a rundown-looking exterior, it might put off buyers who assume the inside needs a lot of work.

Create a Warm Entranceway

The entryway is their first impression of the house, so make it look clean and welcoming. That involves removing any clutter, such as mail, newspapers, and extra clothes.

Also, consider adding a coat rack for visitors to hang their jackets when they come to the open house. It encourages them to enter and look around. A glamourous lighting fixture in the entrance can also create interest and excitement.

clean entranceway

Clear Closets

A big draw for many potential buyers is having plenty of storage space. To help the closets look spacious, box up any off-season items and donate those you no longer use or need.

Organize the clothes by type (shirts, pants, etc.) for a clean look. Finally, if you have a walk-in closet, add a mirror to reflect the light and make the space look more open.

Make the Living Room the Star

Begin by painting, if needed, and then removing smaller furniture items to open the room up. Remove personal photos too so that anyone attending the open house can start to see their own families living there.

Also, clear off surfaces, except for lamps and one or two pieces of decor for a clutter-free space – the fewer items in the living room, the cleaner its appearance.

Declutter Your Kitchen Too

The kitchen is another room that many folks will scrutinize in a house for sale. So, it makes sense to declutter the cabinets and drawers in this room.

Rather than stressing yourself out, spread the task over several days, and limit yourself to 30 minutes each day. Group similar items together (pots and pans, plastic containers, etc.). Be sure to remove most things from the countertops, too, for a clean appearance.

Consider adding organizing systems too that provide more vertical space. Well-organized drawers and cabinets make an outstanding first impression.

Contact Us to Help

For more valuable tips on decluttering your home before putting it on the market, reach out to our professional organizers today! We help you make the house look amazing by minimizing your overall clutter so it draws in prospective buyers.

starting 2022 organized

Starting 2022 in an Organized Way at Home

If you’re like most people, you set goals for the New Year. One of those objectives might be to get more organized at home to get more out of life. To help you get organized, here are some clever tips.

Declutter Drawers and Cupboards

Start with the obvious things you no longer have a use for, such as the plastic containers in the kitchen drawer with missing lids. Aim to clear out one drawer, cabinet, or cupboard at a time to avoid getting overwhelmed.

Sort the Closets

Again, organize them one at a time to help reduce stress. If you can’t seem to find room in a certain closet, that’s a great one to start with. If there are clothes that you no longer wear, put them aside to donate or sell if they are still in good shape.

Organize Your Time Too

It could be that you’re overextending yourself, and your calendar is jammed full. If so, consider decluttering your calendar. That involves starting to say no to activities that bring you more stress than happiness. Doing so can help you focus your energy on things and people you truly care about.

If you’re not sure where to begin, start by thinking about how often you double-booked last year. Making effective changes can reduce stress and leave time for self-care.

Tackle the Paper

Looking around the house, do you see lots of scattered papers? Seeing this mess might be making your mind disorganized too.

Begin by going around the house and sorting the papers into two piles, one for recycling and one for keeping. Then, organize those papers you want to save into a filing system or separate boxes, putting like papers together. Clearly label each box if you take that approach.

Clear Away Surfaces

After the holidays, the countertops and tabletops likely have opened presents on them. Start 2022 on the right foot by finding homes for these items, such as storing new beauty products under the bathroom counter. Having fewer things in your sightline will instantly make the space feel bigger and less cluttered.

clear countertop

Maintain an Organized Life

Now that you’ve organized the home, you can’t just hope that it will stay that way. The reality is that things will continue to come into the house, from the mail to new purchases by you or a family member.

As the days go by, aim to put away items you want to keep and discard those you no longer use. Maintaining these orderly habits will help you stay organized.

Get Professional Help

You might not be sure where to start with getting organized, and we understand. Perhaps you tried unsuccessfully to declutter all or part of the home and feel frustrated.

Thankfully, this is a New Year with new possibilities! Think of it as a blank slate. This time around, why not enlist the help of our team?

Our professional organizers have a friendly and supportive approach that we personalize to the needs of your household. Call us today to book an appointment to start the pressure-free process.

home organizing trends

4 Home Organizing Trends to Watch in 2022

So much has changed in the last few years, with so many of us spending more time at home. The abundance of home offices and the search for a sense of peace and security during uncertain times has driven new trends in home organization to watch for in the New Year.

1.      More Storage

Wanting to make the most of the house interior makes sense given the amount of time there. Thus, spaces such as garages will benefit from more homeowners adding storage solutions in 2022.

The storage options can range from custom cabinets to wall shelving. Our professionals often suggest storage options that hide belongings for a clean, clutter-free room, while keeping everything well organized.

2.      Expanding the Space

Another prediction is for home renovations that expand the physical space. An extra room is something more people are likely to need as they set up home offices long-term.

Having a division between personal and business spaces with a separate room for your job can help make achieving a healthy work/life balance easier. Another reason to expand might be to set up a games room or another type of entertainment area. Or maybe you are thinking about setting up a home gym.

3.      Rise of Minimalism

The minimalism trend continues in 2022 as many folks seek to achieve a calmer living space. Tossing or donating unneeded items involves creating a tidy area, but it is so much more than that.

Looking at the bigger picture, minimalism is about furnishing the home with the essentials. That enhances the area around you, making for a welcoming space that holds items of personal value. Integrating custom storage solutions provides a way to hold extra items you want to keep while keeping them out of sight.

home organizing trends

4.      Room for Relaxation

With travel so limited during the pandemic, a common thought is to create areas inside the home that are as relaxing as vacations far away. This type of room provides a haven without having to step out the front door.

Upgrading the bathroom is an example of a way to infuse relaxation. Perhaps adding tropical wallpaper provides a wonderful getaway experience while in a soaker tub. Creating a beautiful room free of stressful clutter makes for soothing surroundings.

A meditation room might be another idea, or perhaps just somewhere to sit and read a book with a cup of coffee. The main thing is to have a place to escape and unwind when you want to do so.

Creating a Meaningful Home

The trends above speak to the desire for a fuller home experience considering the challenges brought on by the pandemic. Looking for calmness at home makes sense, and that involves clearing clutter from rooms and closets.

We stay on top of trends to help you get more out of your home, from helping you organize to implementing storage solutions that fit your household’s needs. Reach out to our team for more ideas on better organizing and, in turn, get more from your house.

Post-Christmas Organizing

Your Post-Christmas Organization Checklist

Christmas is such a beautiful time of year. Getting the family together, eating delicious food, and watching the joy on their faces as they open carefully-chosen gifts brings many happy moments. But the holiday season can leave a lot of “stuff” in the house. This checklist can help you to stay organized at home after Christmas.

Get Rid of the Packaging

The boxes and other types of packaging around items can take up a lot of space. So, the first step in having a clutter-free house again is opening items and removing the packaging.

Make sure you keep any instruction manuals. Recycle what you can, of course.

Donate Extra Toys

Your kids likely received new toys, and now you may have duplicates or feel like there’s simply too many of them for space you have at home. If so, why not donate gently used dolls and other toys to a local charity? Encourage your little ones to pick out a few that they think other children would like to play with to get them more comfortable with letting go.

Find Places for New Things

Where do the opened gifts belong? From the kitchen to the playroom, decide the best places to store them. If the space is tight, perhaps you start taking items you rarely use to charity to make room. Or you might get creative and put up shelving on walls to house them or create other storage solutions. If items are broken, dispose of them in the appropriate ways.

post-christmas organizing

Holiday Decor Takedown

Taking down the holiday decorations and tree can be a time-consuming process as many items are fragile and oddly shaped. But it’s well worth it when next year comes, and your precious decorations are not broken or warped and organized in a way that makes sense when unpacking them.

Get Replacement Items

While you might be tired of Christmas by the time it ends, there are many great sales on holiday items in the days following the big day. Thinking ahead, look at what you can get on clearance to use next year. You will likely need a new string of lights, for example.


Cleaning up is a process, so start with vacuuming the carpets one day and then wiping down countertops the next day. Spacing out the tasks helps keep them from becoming overwhelming. Assign age-appropriate tasks to your kids, too, to get them involved and help with the workload.

Redecorate and Rejoice

Now that the holiday decor is put away, the house might seem a bit bare. Bring out the everyday items again that make your house cozy and familiar.

Finally, take a step back and feel good about the efforts you’ve put into organizing and decluttering the home after the holidays. You ought to feel good about doing it properly as it will make things so much better come next Christmas!

We wish you a wonderful New Year, in both heart and home. May you be safe, healthy, and happy. From all of us at the ClutterBGone team, Happy Holidays!

Moving Hacks

These Moving Hacks Make Packing Much Easier

Packing is one of the most stressful parts of moving for many people. To help make the process smoother, find tips below that our professional organizers use when helping people move from one home to another.

Label Boxes in Detail

Rather than only writing “kitchen” on the box, add more detail. For example, you might write a list below that heading, such as:

  • Dishes
  • Tablecloths
  • Dishtowels

Adding these specifics will save you time later when looking for certain items amidst a dozen or so boxes all labeled “kitchen.” Also, write “breakable” when applicable.

Finally, label multiple sides of the box. That way, if your boxes are stacked against a wall in the new place, you’ll be able to read what is inside without having to move a ton of boxes to figure it out.

Moving Hacks

Put Items within Other Items

This trick saves a lot of space and boxes when done right. For example, put your spices into pots and containers you would be packing anyway, rather than putting them in separate boxes of their own. To keep the lids on pots, tie rubber bands between the two.

As for your clothes currently on hangers, there’s no need to take the garments off them. Instead, simply hang them in a garment box so you won’t have to rehang and iron them at your new house.

If you have suitcases, use them to hold small possessions too. They become like extra boxes! Plus, they’re easy to move with wheels on the bottom, which makes moving heavy items like books much easier. Laundry baskets and trash cans also can hold things conveniently.

Use Painter’s Tape

The tape isn’t for painting but instead is a valuable part of your packing supply kit. It can be useful for marking moving boxes, for example, if you’d rather than write on the box itself.

Also, the tape can hold loose hardware on furniture in place during the move. Painter’s tape also comes in handy for keeping drawers and doors closed, as well as taping screws and washers on the main items after disassembling them.

As it is sticky but not overly so, the tape isn’t likely to damage most surfaces. But, if in doubt, do the research beforehand as to whether to use it to ensure it won’t ruin your valuable property.

For the Immediate Items

You will need certain items on moving day and the following day, so these are ones to pack separately and keep close. Some people call it the “essentials box.”

Among the essentials for the household are toilet paper, dish soap, dish towel, all-purpose cleaner, drinks, snacks, coffee maker and coffee, can opener, and mini first aid kit. Also, plan to have a box of personal items to get through the first evening and morning at the new residence, including toiletries, toothbrush and toothpaste, and clothes.

Packing Help from the Pros

Whether you need help packing part or all your house, our organizers are happy to help you. We also offer unpacking services at your destination. Having someone by your side who has a lot of experience been doing this type of work can provide reassurance and keep everything on track. Reach out for more information today!

organizing the garage

Organizing Your Garage: Are You Making These Mistakes?

If you have a messy garage, you’re not alone. Many people cannot get their vehicles into the garage because it is overrun with objects, from ladders to the Christmas tree and boxes of miscellaneous items. While that might not bother you most of the year, when the weather gets colder, it can be inconvenient to have to thaw out your car in the driveway because it won’t fit in the garage. To help you organize this space, avoid making these common mistakes:

Getting Overwhelmed by the Project

You might have looked at the garage recently and felt the weight on your shoulders when considering going through the clutter. That feeling alone might have stopped you from even started organizing it. But, thankfully, you don’t have to get the project done in a day or even a week.

To keep things from becoming overwhelming, take small steps toward completing the decluttering project. For example, you might spend a half-hour two evenings a week going through things, deciding what to keep, donate, or toss if it is unusable. When taken together, those small blocks of time can really add up!

Holding onto Too Many Things

It can be hard to part with items. While they may not have much monetary value, some things are close to the heart. They might remind you of someone you lost, hold special memories, or be a family heirloom.

You might also wonder if you might need the object in the future. But, holding onto things in case of possibly finding a use for them one day is only taking up valuable room in the garage. Instead, if you haven’t used the item within the last year (all four seasons), the chances are good that you likely won’t require it this year either. The key here is to keep what you love or use regularly and part with the other things.

Not Making Use of Storage

Once you’ve decided what to keep, the next step is to get the appropriate storage solutions. You might assume that using rubber bins is the best approach, but shelving is even handier.

Putting up shelving makes sense in most garages because it gets things off the floor so that your vehicle can come inside into the warm. Also, you won’t have to lift heavy bins to find what you need at the bottom of the stack. Second-hand shelving is often available at online marketplaces if you have a smaller budget.

organizing the garage

Not Creating Zones

Our professional organizers love creating zones in spaces like a garage or basement. Sorting items into categories and storing them together makes knowing where to look for certain items easier and faster.

For example, you might devote one side of the shelves in the garage to your kids’ sports equipment. The other side might be for gardening supplies. Over time, you might find that you want to create a new zone or change where you store things, and that’s totally doable!

Creating A Multipurpose Garage

Imagine having a garage where you can park a vehicle (or two) and store items you love. By serving this dual purpose, the garage is more likely to be a space that brings personal satisfaction rather than a lot of stress to look at day after day.

For help with organizing the garage or another part of your home, reach out to our team today. We have unique insights and help you avoid mistakes like those mentioned above.

Christmas Clutter

5 Types of Christmas Clutter and How to Tackle Them

From Christmas decor to gift wrap, a lot of clutter accumulates over the holiday season. To help you get back on track in the New Year, here are great decluttering and organizing tips for all the stuff around your house.

1.      Wrapping Paper

Once the presents are opened, the amount of wrapping paper can really add up. Often it gets thrown to the side in the excitement of getting to the next gift, later leaving you with pieces of the seasonal paper scattered around the room.

Thankfully, you can prevent the clutter with a bit of pre-planning. Before opening any gifts, grab a cardboard box or big bag and keep it close by. As each present gets unwrapped, put the paper into the box or bag. Easy!

2.      Cards

Holiday cards are a beautiful part of the season as the kind messages from loved ones mean so much. But, after the season ends, the paper waste can add up.

To get the most use out of them and cut down the clutter, simply make gift tags out of them. Cut sections of the cards into gift tag shapes and add a hole punch at the end. Then, store the tags with your gift wrap for use next year.

Christmas Gift Tags

3.      Decorations

It’s easy to get carried away with decor around the house over Christmas. There are so many beautiful objects to hang and display to show the spirit of the holidays.

With that said, less is more when it comes to household possessions. A handful of things can have more presence than countless ornaments and trinkets everywhere. Plus, more stuff costs money and requires extra time to clean, and you must find the space to store them the rest of the year.

As you pack things away at the end of the season, ask yourself if you still like the item. If not, donate it as part of paring down your decorations.

4.      Gifts

The reality is that someone in your household is likely to receive a present they won’t use or appreciate. These items can take up valuable space as they collect dust at home.

In this case, consider exchanging the item for something more appropriate or donating it. Another option is to ask for gift cards instead this year to make sure you get exactly what you want.

5.      Kitchen

Is the kitchen a mess? Between the sweets and the meal leftovers, there is likely a lot more food than usual. Begin by going through the fridge and clearing out any spoiled leftovers and treats you don’t want to tempt you.

Then, clean the fridge shelves and compartments, as well as the countertop. After that’s done, stock up on healthy foods to start the New Year off on the right foot.

A Few Last Words on Dealing with Christmas Clutter

Clutter quickly accumulates over the holidays, and the tips above can help you get your house back in January. If you want more help getting organized over Christmas and when the New Year comes, we’re happy to help you. Wishing you and yours a happy holiday season from the ClutterBGone team!

Their House is Always Clean: How Do They Do It?

Do you have a friend or family member whose home is always clean? Is it driving you up the wall trying to figure out how they stay on top of removing clutter and cleaning rooms? If so, here are some ways they keep a tidy home – and how you can do the same.

They Clear Countertops and Other Surfaces

Look at the kitchen countertop the next time you visit their place. It is probably clear of dishes, appliances, papers, and most other things. The same probably holds true for the dining table and several other surfaces.

While it is easy to toss the mail on the countertop or table, keeping surfaces tidy gives the room an organized appearance. If you are not already doing following this rule, now is the time to start.

They Regularly Go Through Their Stuff

While you might not consider yourself a collector or someone who keeps a lot of things, clutter can easily build up over time. Often, stuff accumulates in rooms without realizing it.

Those who have a clean house likely routinely go through and purge items to make room for new or to simply maintain an orderly space. For example, some people abide by the rule of donating a piece of clothing for every new one that they bring into their closet. Doing so helps prevent an abundance of belongings.

They Have a Cleaning Schedule

Most people who maintain an orderly house can do so because they follow a cleaning schedule. How often to clean depends on many factors, including the size of the interior and the number of people living there.

How you space out the cleaning tasks, such as vacuuming carpets and wiping down counters, during the week depends on what works well for you. For example, running the vacuum on Sundays might suit you if it is not a workday.

weekly cleaning schedule

They Return Things to Their Proper Place

Another trick to keeping a sense of order in the home is returning things to where they belong after use. Let’s say that you use a hammer to hang a picture on the wall. Do you return the hammer to the toolbox where it came from or leave it on a shelf in the room where you were working?

By returning items to their proper place after using them, you will have less to clean up by the end of the week. On a related note, if you don’t have set places for some of your items, start finding “homes” to put them in so the rooms look more put together.

They’re Smart about Storage

You might assume that they don’t have many possessions, so they’re able to keep a tidy house. But the reality is more likely to be that they use clever organizational systems.

Doing the same can help you keep items in ways that make them easily accessible yet often out of sight from your visitors. For example, consider storing jewelry in an over-the-door organizer or doing the same with your makeup.

They Worked with a Professional

Another way to keep a clean, clutter-free home is by teaming up with a professional. Our organizers can provide insights into the best ways to organize your unique home and offer tips to keep it tidy that work for your family.

Get a free initial consultation when you reach out today!