The Best Way to Organize Your Shoes

organize your shoes

This just in! Women love shoes! No surprise there but even men are beginning to own more shoes with their collection of “kicks” and trendy dress shoes. Shoes have always been a fashion statement and the old saying that you can tell a lot about a person by the condition of their shoes still holds true. We all may not have the collection that Imelda Marcos once did, but if you have a collection of shoes yourself and are tight for space there are several ways to store and maintain the condition of your shoes.

Old shoe boxes

Still the most inexpensive way to store shoes, keeping them in the box they came in still works. The trouble is that these boxes aren’t see-through and we used to take a picture of the shoes and attach it to the outside of the box. Who processes pictures anymore? This solution may work for some but it is not ideal and these boxes are typically chunky and take up much too much space.

Clear shoe bins

Clear shoe bins (either acrylic or plastic) are the most popular way for storing shoes. ClutterBGone has brought in countless clear shoe bins to many clients. They provide protection to your investment and keep them clean and dust free and most importantly, visible.

organize your shoesShoe racks

We have also installed many shoe racks in many homes. They come in all different styles to match your décor and requirements depending on whether they are installed in a closet or in a hallway. Some can be stacked to maximize your space and most are cost effective and others serve as a furniture piece with hidden shoe storage.

Shoe bags

Remember the shoe bags that your parents used? Well, they are still around and still work great for tight spaces. However again, you have the problem of lack of visibility so unless you have a great memory, this solution may not be the best for you.

Shoe bags are increasingly being used for the storage of a lot of other goods like make up or wash cloths in the bathroom or shoe cleaning items in the hall closet.

Want to go upscale?

For the walk in closets or under the bed there are a number of different types of organizing products available from cubbies to built-ins. The sky (or your bank account) is the limit.

Hanging vertical shoe organizers

If you have the closet hanging space this is a great solution. Hanging organizers come in various styles, some holding a dozen pairs and others holding over 40! See which style works best for you.

Want to keep it economical?

One of my favourite ways to store shoes is to use a piece of decorative wood trim installed horizontally inside the closet and hang your high heel shoes by their heels. organize your shoesIt is practical, easy to install and allows for shoes to be up off the floor but yet easily accessible and visible all the while maintaining the shoes in good shape. You can even easily paint this piece of wood to match any décor.

Shoes are a fashion statement and are sometimes quite the investment so decide what system is best for you but do have a system to protect your investment look your best and stay organized.

ClutterBGone has handled many shoes over the years and would love to help you organize, and maybe pare down, your shoes.