decluttering mindset

A Decluttering Mindset: When Less is More

How can having less give you more? Our professional organizers answer this question today.

Stuff around the House

When it comes to what you own, does it sometimes feel like there’s simply too much? Perhaps the overflow presents itself in piles of paper, a crowded kitchen countertop, or crammed clothes closet.

With so much time spent at home during the pandemic, you might notice the overflow of stuff around you more than before. As clutter can elevate stress and anxiety, now is the time to get sorting to reduce and organize.

Thus, in addition to gaining control over physical belongings, you can also expect to benefit mentally from clearing the clutter. There are other ways that owning less can be beneficial too.

Getting More Freedom and Choice

Owning less is associated with a minimalist lifestyle. It involves having fewer possessions, which leaves room for that which you intentionally want to focus on. It is freedom from feeling tied to material things or thinking that your self-worth is based on what you own.

While more stuff can lead to stress, less of it can be empowering as you choose what to have in your space. You also will notice more room for what’s important in your life, such as happiness, as you are not caught up with material goods.

Not only that but there is also more money in your wallet when you spend less and more time on your calendar when moments aren’t consumed with material items. Finally, minimalists enjoy having more room mentally to focus on what brings them joy rather than physical things.

decluttering mindset

Clearing Space at Home

Regularly decluttering the home is a great way to improve your mood and feel a sense of renewal when you are tired of the chaos. Rather than feeling closed in amidst a cluttered room, you can enjoy feeling lighter in spirit by letting go of excess belongings.

Sorting things can feel almost therapeutic as you put them in order and toss what you no longer use. Seeing an organized room at the end of the process can also bring a sense of order to your mind.

Decluttering can be difficult emotionally for many people who see how much they own that is unused or still has tags on it, explains our professional organizers. But rather than thinking of how much money was spent, start to think how much better life could be clutter-free.

Purging your home of those things you no longer use can improve how you see and experience your home. You can begin to focus on what you deem important, setting you on a life of intention. Plus, more stuff requires more time to maintain it; thus, fewer things mean more free time.

Living with Less

Are you looking to downsize your house? Do you want to feel more comfortable at home? Reach out today for a free consultation! Our professional organizers are here to help you meet goals at a pace that works for you and provide support for a smoother process.