8 Closet De-cluttering and Organizing Tips

How often do you open your closet and ask yourself “how am I going to get this in there?” or “where in the world did I put that?”. An organized closet is a must in order to start your day off on the right foot as opposed to crazed and frustrated. Closets are definitely smaller these days so it’s a necessity to have an organized, efficient and functional space for your clothing. Here are a few ideas to give you just that.

Out of season items

If space is a real issue, then store your out of season items elsewhere, but only if absolutely necessary. Removing these items that you aren’t going to use for months can free up a lot of space in your closet. If this is not possible then move them all to one side where they will not be in your way and rotate at the beginning of the new season.

Are there items you have that you never or rarely wear? Ask yourself “why am I holding onto this? “Do I really love wearing this?” Why keep anything you don’t love to wear or that feels good when you have it on?


Take advantage of the vertical height within your closet by adding a second shelf for items that are not used that often like evening shoes and bags that are not used on a daily basis.

Make use of all space

Even small closets can normally accommodate some clear plastic drawers or hangers for the smaller items that you may have to store in there. Don’t forget to use the both sides of your closet doors for additional storage opportunities. We have lots of ways to maximize space when we work with our clients.

Add a second clothing rod

I’ve added a second clothing rod in all of my bedroom closets and almost doubled by closet storage space by doing so.

Tops on the top rod and pants on the bottom work well like this.

Time to say goodbye?

Do you have items in your closet that you have not had on for over 12 months? I would suggest it is time to seriously consider removing these items and either donate or sell them. After a year styles and sizes change and the chance that you are going to wear these items is likely slim to none.

Uniformity equals neatness

Create uniformity and a better visual with the use of the same size and type of hangers in your closet. And have your clothing all face the same way.

You will be surprised at just how organized your closet will appear with this trick. Slim hangers will also give you a bit more space.

See what you have

If you store shoes in your closet then use clear containers to hold each pair. Whether you store them on the floor or on the shelf you will be able to quickly identify your shoes and keep them in great shape. Old shoeboxes end up getting damaged and you end up pulling a few boxes down to see what’s inside. If you have the space you can install a hanging shoe organizer on your closet rod.

Back of doors

As mentioned earlier, take advantage of the space on the back of the closet door by installing a hook for your housecoats or a hanger for your belts.

Closets can be a real challenge and can really have an effect on the start of your day. Contact me now and we can work together to make the best use of your space and create a functional and efficient closet that will make you smile every time you open the door!