8 Benefits To Decluttering And Owning Less Stuff

owning less stuff

Owning less stuff can improve your relationships, your work and your quality of life. We’re all for that. Here are 8 benefits to you owning less stuff.

Having more money

Here’s the secret to having more money – spend less. We are a society of people that like to own stuff but we use much less than half of it in a year. Just ask yourself if you absolutely love something before you buy it. If not, save your money.

Having more time

The same secret can apply to time. Having less stuff gives you more time whether it is time you save cleaning or looking for things.
Many of our clients are amazed at just how much time they have found after we’ve assisted them in downsizing.

You’ll have more freedom

With having more time comes the benefit of having more freedom. Enjoy the things you like to do with family or friends or just curl up with that book you’ve been meaning to finish.

New found storage space

We recently helped a client who owned so many items that she was prepared to purchase a custom made storage system. downsizing GTAOnce we completed the project, not only did she not require the storage system but she found she had more than adequate storage space for the items she truly needed and kept. This ultimately saved her a couple thousand dollars!

Reduce your stress

Clutter causes stress. It’s a fact. Messy, cluttered homes and offices can cause us to feel anxious, claustrophobic, overwhelmed and helpless. It can also make you feel guilty and ashamed to have people over. Get rid of the clutter, you get rid of that stress!

Be an example

Your kids learn from you. downsizing GTAIf you live in a cluttered environment chances are your kids will too. Is that what you want for them? We’ve seen it in several jobs we’ve worked on. Teach your kids a valuable life lesson by showing them how to be organized in life and work.

Your home is visually appealing

There isn’t anything worse than coming home to a cluttered house with trip hazards, horizontal surfaces covered in “stuff” and piles of items on the floor seemingly without a home. It can be depressing and defeating. Own less and your home will look neat and organized reflecting on you and the way you feel.

Finding things is easier

How much time do you spend looking for things? The average person spends a full year of their life looking for things. Wouldn’t you rather spend some of that time doing something else? We can show you how.

We’ve assisted a lot of people in downsizing and decluttering resulting in getting back time, space and money as well as so many other benefits. Contact us today for your free telephone consultation!