7 Tips For Keeping a Small Space Organized

organized condo

My last trip into downtown Toronto opened my eyes to the number of condos going up in the city (and in many others) and the small spaces that we are now living in. Whether you have downsized into a condo for ease of upkeep or whether you choose to live in a condo to be close to work or a downtown area, it can be tricky to keep a small space organized. Here is a list of tips to help you do just that.

Floor to ceiling

organized condoUtilize all the space you have including your vertical space. Nine foot ceilings (or higher) allow for you to store above cabinets and furniture. Don’t forget the space above your doorways – great for shelving!

Use your imagination

Sliding drawers under beds, storage boxes under furniture, baskets over cabinets can all be incorporated into your storage plans. ClutterBGone has shared many of our ideas that we have gained over the years with many clients living in small spaces.

Offsite storage

We don’t often suggest this but sometimes there are items you just cant part with for a variety of reasons and you just don’t have the space for them in your living space. Offsite storage companies have become increasingly popular for just this reason, especially if your unit does not come with a storage locker.

Prioritize what you need

This is tough and this is where a Professional Organizer really comes in handy. organized condoYou need to really make tough decisions on what is needed and what is nice to have. What do you really have space for? When is the last time you used it or wore it? Prioritizing and making decisions will be the toughest part of the downsizing and organizing process. We have the expertise to make the downsizing process much easier.

Store it where you use it

One of the processes that we at ClutterBGone use is to determine how you operate in your space. Are you left handed or right handed? Do you cook a lot? Is everything you need within reach? We ensure that what you need and use daily is stored for easy retrieval and access.

Keep it tidy

Take 5 minutes a day, whatever time best works for you, and use this time to tidy up and put things away. It is so easy and it takes so little time for things to get out of hand and before you know it you’re clutter has the best of you.

Rethink that purchase

No matter what it is I always walk away from a purchase to rethink it. Do I love it? Do I really need it? What will go out to replace it when I get home? As yourself these questions to save clutter and quite possibly a few dollars.

Living in a smaller space can be a challenge for many of you. Get organized and control your chaos!