7 Reasons to De-Clutter & Let Go

When we talk about getting organized or de-cluttering your life, we generally speak about donating, repurposing, selling or trashing items. Today I wanted to speak to you about the reasons to let go of items, no matter how you actually do it.

Be clutter free

Many of us want that clutter free home where we can easily find things, and not be ashamed to have family and friends over. Did you know that over 1 million North Americans suffer from chronic hoarding? It is more prevalent in older people and here is a surprise – it is more common among men than it is women! Start the process now and see how much time you save and how you will love having people over.

Save time

Last time I checked, the average person spent just under one hour per day looking for items. That is the average. time managementDisorganized people are going to spend even more time looking for things. Homes have gotten bigger today than they were decades ago and therefore there is more space to keep stuff and more space to look through. There is even a tendency to fill spaces with “stuff” even when those items are not a necessity. Get that time back by reducing the items you needlessly have to sift through.

Less House Work

Does anyone enjoy housework and want more of it to do? I’m thinking not. Clutter creates more items to move when dusting and attracts more dust by itself. Clutter also attracts more clutter. Think about it. When passing a cluttered area you are more likely to set something else down when you see something already there.

More clutter, more items to move, more cleaning required. A cycle begins.

Would you like more money?

Saving-Money_1A US study a few years ago indicated that over 20% of people admitted to paying bills late because they lost the bill. Interest charges and late payment fees apply as well. Being organized will reduce these fees thus saving you money.


My rule of thumb is if you haven’t used an item for a year you need to take a serious look at why you have it. Perhaps it was purchased with good intentions but it just never got used. Maybe you know somebody that could use it or if it has value perhaps you could sell it and recoup something. Why not turn your clutter into cash?

Did It Stop Working?

Are you seriously ever going to get around to fixing or taking an item and getting it fixed? How long has it been sitting there? Is it worth getting fixed? Come to grips with the fact that it does not work and you just are not going to get it fixed.

Support Your Local Charities

Someone else can always use the item that you are not using and there are many worthwhile charities in your area that can make use of the item to help others.

hands holding letters spelling words

Be a hero and help others by donating your unused items.

These are just several of many good reasons to pare down your belongings and reduce clutter in your home.

We at ClutterBGone have helped many clients make the tough decisions and can help you too. Contact us to learn more about how we save you time and money.