7 Great Tips to Organize Your Home Garden


Summer is already here and by now your gardens are well under way. I was just sitting outside (I love being outdoors in the nice weather) and noticed how well my garden is coming along. I thought, “people wouldn’t normally think about garden organization” so I decided to write about organizing your garden and garden supplies.

Sitting outside enjoying the garden can be so relaxing and a great way to unwind and forget about your cares. And there are so many inexpensive ways to make your garden unique and to keep your gardening tools organized.

  1. Keep your tools together

A few years ago my husband bought me a garden basket that I use to keep all my small tools in. It’s easy to carry around and I keep all of my small tools in there. I’ve also seen a few other items like a gardener’s belt or a bucket but do use something to reduce the trips back to the shed or garage. Many garden centers sell these types of items with the tools you need too. I’ve even seen somebody put an old mailbox on a post and stake it in the garden. Open your mailbox and voila (!), there are your tools.

  1. Rakes and shovels should be off the ground

rakes and shovels

Whether you keep these larger tools in a shed or a garage, get them off the ground. Something as simple as a 2 x 4 piece of wood with a few hooks attached to the wall will keep these tools organized and easily accessible without falling over each time you retrieve something.

  1. Plan your planting

Create a calendar just for gardening and keep it in your shed. Mark down when it’s time to plant your favourite flower, bush or vegetable or when it is time for transplanting from your home garden to outside. Or take a strip of ribbon and label it for each month. Use a clothespin to attach the garden seed packets to it so you don’t lose them and know when to plant them. Different plants require certain conditions to be planted in order to thrive.

  1. Know your animal neighbours

If you’re planting vegetables or bulbs know that they will be tempting to many of your “night neighbours” and protect them accordingly. There are some plants that animals don’t like so check with your garden center. Pretty much the only way to keep animals out of your veggie garden is to install a fence around them.

  1. Can I see your ID please?


I’ve done this before. I plant something and a month or so later I see something growing there and wonder what it is. If that has happened to you use a marker to identify what has been planted there, even something as simple as a popsicle stick will do the trick until it has shown itself.

  1. Match your plants to the sun

This sounds simple but many people lose plants to not having enough or having too much sun. If you’re unsure, talk to your garden center to see what best suits your garden.

  1. Maintenance is key

Nothing looks better than a well-maintained garden but it doesn’t do it by itself. Take a walk around the garden at least once a week and pull any weeds you see. Also, a lot of flowers need the old heads snapped off in order for the new growth to come in. Make sure to leave room for growth and add a few step stones or pavers in the garden to have access to the hard to reach areas without damaging the soil or other plants.

Gardens are a great way to spend time in the yard and reduce stress. They don’t say stop and smell the roses for no good reason. Enjoy your gardens and send me a few pics. I would love to see them!