Couple Considering Downsizing Home

6 Things To Consider When Downsizing Your Home

Downsizing your home can be both an exciting and stressful time, and it generally comes with a major lifestyle change. But regardless of the reasons that lead you to downsize, one thing’s for sure: downsizing is a process and should be treated as such. To be successful, we always recommend starting early and considering all variants. It may feel intimidating but try to think of it as an opportunity to take stock of what you own and to start fresh. Here are a few key considerations to think about when downsizing:

1. Your Financial Goals

For most people, saving money is one of the most important incentives for downsizing to a smaller house. From expensive utility bills to high maintenance costs, having a large home can ruin any bank account. Choosing a smaller, more affordable home can leave you with more money for other financial goals (such as traveling, saving for retirement, or paying off debt), which is something you should consider while searching for your new place.

2. Your Family Needs

How many people live in your household? The answer to this question will determine the sort of house you need and how small you can actually go. Remember that squeezing a family into a smaller home can be extremely challenging! So if you have a large family and plan to downsize, make sure you’ve worked out the bedroom situation. Defining your family’s space needs before downsizing is fundamental to guarantee everyone’s comfort.

Family Downsizing Homes

3. Your Belongings

How large is your furniture? Will it fit in a smaller home? What about all the cutlery, clothes, games, toys, paperwork, and bedding you’ve accumulated throughout the years? Do you have enough space for all of it? When downsizing to a smaller home, it’s important to consider if your old furniture will fit there and think about your storage needs.

4. Your New Lifestyle

If your move to downsize also involves a significant lifestyle change, such as moving into an active adult community, considering your new lifestyle will help you make challenging decisions. For example, if you know you won’t be needing to do any cleaning, you can start by selling, donating, or giving away your cleaning appliances and tools. Likewise, you should consider your future – and future needs – if you’re planning to retire and grow old in this smaller home.

5. A Declutter Plan

It may be tempting to quickly pack everything in boxes and deal with decisions on what to keep and toss later on, but trust us: you need to make a declutter plan as soon as you decide to downsize. You can, for example, start by taking inventory of your belongings, and setting up separate boxes for items you will keep, donate, get rid of, sell, or give away.

6. And Never Forget: Start As Soon As Possible!

Giving yourself time is essential, both mentally and physically, so that you don’t run out of steam before you even get to your new house. In short, get started early, and stay focused and organized throughout. With this mindset, you are planting the seeds of success!

If you’re considering downsizing and have no idea where to start, we’re here to help! At ClutterBGone, we provide many levels of organizing services depending on your needs, lifestyle, and budget ranging from coaching to hands-on organizing and maintenance plans to help you move to your new home effortlessly. Get in touch with our team of experts, and we will be delighted to offer you a free consultation!