6 Things Professional Organizers Want You To Know

I have been a Professional Organizer for several years I’m often asked a lot of different questions about organizing and down sizing. There are a few things that I seldom get asked that I think you should know.

The System

When you hire a professional organizer you are not only hiring somebody who will help you de-clutter and get organized but you are hiring a professional who will leave you with a system to maintain your new found space after they have left. It is up to you of course to keep things in check but we just don’t come in, do the work and leave you.

The Investment

Every client situation is unique and your investment in a project will reflect that.

Cost vs benefit

A professional organizer is there to work with you and stay within a budget that works for you. You can be as hands on or as hands off as you want to be during the process enabling you to minimize the hours and get really involved. If your budget is really tight then start with an area that causes you the most concern and leave the rest to another time.

Removing the Items

A professional organizer has a large resource list of charities and re-sale stores in your area where you can dispose of, donate or consign your goods to. You may have your own favourite charities that you wish to make donations to or may have valuable pieces that can be sold to a re-sale store or place on consignment. We are not able to take anything out of your home ourselves but can certainly arrange for it on your behalf.

Storage Containers That Are Required

In many jobs there are storage containers or systems that are needed.


A few professional organizers carry an inventory of these so they are readily available to get the job completed as quickly as possible. These are normally offered to our clients at the same cost, or less, as at your local store. If there are special items or systems required you have the option to purchase these yourselves or have us do it on your behalf. There will normally be a fee for personal shopping but it will be much less than the hourly rate for working in your home.

Confidence In Who You Hire

Professional organizers in Canada will belong to the Professional Organizers of Canada (POC) association.POC logo

This group is a registered national association that represents professional organizers and provides the training to us all. Members of the POC are required to abide by its code of conduct. During your initial consultation ask if the organizer you speak to is a member of the POC and ask them where they received their training. Make sure any organizer that you hire is bonded and insured in case of any mishaps in the home. Lastly, ask for and check the references that are given to ensure that the person you hire is competent and experienced.

Be Comfortable In Who You Hire

Above all you need to feel comfortable with who you hire. Treat the initial telephone consultation as an interview where you are doing the interviewing. Ask as many questions as you want and get that comfortable feeling with the person that will be coming into your home or office.

ClutterBGone has serviced many clients throughout the GTA and is a member of the POC with all lead staff carrying business liability insurance. If you are looking to downsize, get organized or need help with clutter contact us here.