6 Similarities Between Swedish Death Cleaning and ClutterBGone

Swedish death cleanse

You probably see the title of this blog and think what can this be all about? Interestingly enough Swedish Death Cleaning is actually the newest trend in downsizing and organizing. A new book by Swedish author Margareta Magnusson entitled The Gentle Art of Swedish Death Cleaning may be worth a read.

This new book centers on the concept of de-cluttering before you die so you don’t leave an unorganized, cluttered mess to your survivors. This is something we at ClutterBGone preach to our clients in Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area all the time as well so I thought I would see what other similarities we shared with this new book.

1. Don’t be a burden

Your belongings are yours and your family most likely will not want the vast majority of them. Swedish death cleanseMore so if they are left in a cluttered mess. Whether it is clothing, furniture or dishes, styles change and tastes are different. If you are saving items just to pass them on after you are gone then you are saving them for the wrong reason.

2. Will I be happier if I save this?

The author asks this question and if the answer is not an emphatic yes then it is probably time to let it go. If a family member doesn’t want it now, perhaps you could sell it, donate it or recycle it. We challenge our clients in the same way. If you don’t absolutely love it, then leave it.

3. Don’t start with sentimental items

Typically if you start the de-cluttering process with photos or other personal items you are going to get slowed down with memories and the whole project could get slowed down or even put off. Start with clothing, books or in the kitchen and save the sentimental items for the end of the project. A great idea, and one that we follow.

4. The suggested items to downsize

Like us, the author suggests areas that are easy to become cluttered and unorganized. We have been helping clients for many years now and know what to look for even before we get into your home.

5. Once you are done establish a maintenance program

At ClutterBGone we never leave a clients home without ensuring that we have set them up with a system to keep things in place and clutter free. Recently we completed a large home organizing project in Aurora when we unpacked and organized a client’s new home with everything in place and super efficient. We also have maintenance packages available for those that need it.

6. Think about your impending death

This can be a sensitive issue and no one really wants to think about this. But, you do want to think about the impact your clutter will have on your loved ones after you are gone. The earlier you start the process, the better. It’s a lot to put on your children and other family members when you pass on.Swedish death cleanse

This summer we completed a home de-cluttering project in Unionville where siblings were left with their parents’ home and 60 years full of memories. Wanting to sell the home quickly it needed to be seriously decluttered, keeping the valuable items and then prepared for sale.

With a team of 3 professionally trained organizers we sorted every single item in that house, all three floors, including a full crawl space and garage, pulling many items for auction, for family, recycle, toxic waste, trash etcetera. A lot of work completed in 11 days and three full 20-yard waste bins! Via auction our clients came out with almost $10,000 from the auctioned items that they were initially going to dump in the bin!

All in all there are quite a few similarities between the Swedish Death Cleaning and the de-cluttering and organizing services offered by ClutterBGone. Whether you need home decluttering and organizing in Newmarket, Aurora, Thornhill, Richmond Hill or any other town or city in the Greater Toronto Area we’d love to liberate you of that burden.

We can help you too. We just don’t have a scary name for it.