6 Reasons Why You Haven’t De-cluttered Yet

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The procrastinator in you always gives you a reason to put things off. De-cluttering is no different and perhaps is even more difficult to start. Do any of these reasons for not starting the de-cluttering process ring true with you?

You feel guilty if you get rid of it

You pay good money for something so why get rid of it? You shouldn’t if you use it but if you don’t, there are a number of good reasons to let it go. de clutter GTAIt takes up valuable space you need, somebody else could use it, it’s non longer relevant to your life right now, the list goes on. Don’t feel guilty. In fact, feel relieved that you are able to let go and make room for something else or that you can brighten somebody else’s life with it.

It cost hard earned money

Of course it did but things do go out of style or don’t fit you or your lifestyle any longer or you just don’t use it. Take this opportunity to think of upgrading or being charitable. ClutterBGone works with many organizations throughout the GTA to ensure that your items can be used by those that need them.

“Owning Less Is Better Than Organizing More” – Anonymous

These things give you comfort

We are a society of consumers and “stuff” and our possessions give us comfort. That is true in some cases but letting go of things that you no longer use can give you a feeling of relief that at times can feel better than comfort. Let it go and get that feeling of giving back. You’ll be amazed at how that feels.

Hanging on for somebody else

I can’t tell you the number of times that clients have been holding onto items for other family members and then when it’s time to hand them over the family member doesn’t want them. de clutter GTAWhat’s valuable to you is not necessarily valuable or wanted by others and today’s families are living in smaller spaces with more transient lives and don’t have the same amount of room for storage. Check with the family now to see if they are going to want them later.

It’s an investment

Is it? If it truly is then have an appraiser have a look at it now. You may be surprised that an item doesn’t hold the value that you believe it does.

It might come in handy some day

Perhaps it will but chances are you are never going to use it again. Try this. Put all the items that you are struggling with letting go in a cardboard box with a date six months from now clearly written with a notation to “get rid of in six months”. When six months comes around and you haven’t needed to open that box ,it’s time to sell, donate or toss it.

If any of these reasons for not de-cluttering ring true with you then it may be time to contact us for a chat. We are specialists at helping our clients de-clutter in a caring and thoughtful manner.