organizing small spaces

5 Ways to Get Organized in a Small Home

A small space is cozy and easier to clean than a bigger one, among other benefits. But organizing a small home can feel overwhelming. Thankfully, these five ideas can help make getting organized much easier!

1.      Go Vertical for Storage

When there is not a lot of floor space, the good news is that there is likely a lot of vertical space. That means that vertical storage when it comes to storage, it’s time to look up (literally).

Creating storage solutions is one of the things that we love doing! Finding what works well with your lifestyle and unique home is a must, and we totally get that.

Adding shelves to closet walls or elsewhere can quickly create extra storage areas. Add baskets and boxes to hide items you don’t want everyone to see and create a cleaner look while keeping things accessible.

2.      Look Low Too

Another creative place for storage is low areas, such as under the bed. So, after looking up, look low.

There are many ways to store items under the bed, by the way. It could be using clear plastic containers, for example, to easily see what is in each bin to find what you’re looking for.

Or repurpose an old dress drawer by adding wheels to the bottom, and use it to hold shoes, games, or out-of-season clothing. Simply slide it out by the handle from beneath the bed when you want something.

3.      Declutter Regularly

You knew this one was coming! In a small house, it’s easy for it to feel overcrowded. To make the most of the limited space, decluttering is a must, and doing it regularly will help you stay in control of the living area.

Rather than taking on the whole house on a weekend, break up the decluttering process into rooms and schedule certain days and times for it. For instance, one day you might sort through a shelf in the TV room, while another day could be for going through the kitchen utensils.

Breaking up the tasks like this will make decluttering the home easier to take on, and each accomplishment will motivate you to keep going.

4.      Make Creative Use of Space

In addition to paring down possessions, another great idea is to maximize the functional space in your house. One example is adding room dividers to create different zones. You might put a desk behind a divider in the living room for a home office, and the room divider adds privacy.

Using a divider can make a room feel bigger, too, as it adds dimension. You could even use a divider to create storage space.

We also encourage you to make use of corner space. It could be a breakfast nook that looks out a corner window. A corner bookcase is another idea; it can provide useful storage.

5.      Use Dual-Purpose Furniture

Furniture that serves multiple functions is great to have in tiny houses! For example, the footrest in the TV room could open to hold extra blankets or sheets. Or look for a floor light that has shelving at its base where you keep books and decor.

We are happy to suggest other ways to organize your house. The changes can keep you organized, helping you in your small home in BIG ways.