organizing christmas ornaments

5 Useful Ideas for Organizing Christmas Decorations

Your holiday decorations come out every year around the same time, and each time you likely curse yourself for the mess that awaits you. Make the process more enjoyable next year by organizing the decor well at the end of this Christmas season. These smart ideas will help you.

1.      Store Tree Ornaments in a Box with Dividers

If you recently were gifted a set, such as mugs, hang onto both the box and included cardboard dividers. This solution is not only eco-friendly as you’re reusing the box, but you will also fit small items into the slots that make organizing them a snap.

Try taking hanging ornaments from the tree to put one at a time into each square in the box. Wrap each one in tissue paper to help prevent breakage.

2. Wrap Christmas Lights around Cardboard

After Christmas Day, you likely have a lot of cardboard to recycle. Save a few of the pieces for wrapping indoor and outdoor lights around them.

Wind each set of lights around each piece of sturdy cardboard. Another option is to wrap the lights around a tension rod that you put within a storage tote.

3. Store Wreathes and Garland in Air-Tight Bags

Grab a few garbage bags from the kitchen and put wreaths and garland from around the home into them when the festive season is over. Keeping them in bags that you tie up at the ends will help keep dust and dirt from getting on the decorations that you value so much.

If you already have plastic bins, another option is to put them in there. A clear storage bin is ideal as then you can see the wreaths and garland right away. Store them all together to save yourself time decorating next year.

4. Keep Leftover Wrapping Paper in a Garment Bag

It’s tough to know what exactly how much gift wrap to buy each year. Rather than tossing half-used rolls after the gift-giving exchange or losing them during the upcoming 12 months, keep them with all other wrapping paper rolls in a garment bag.

Keep the hanger at the top of the garment bag and hang it in a closet. Several rolls line up tidily within a garment bag, and now you have them all together when it comes the time to wrap presents again.

organizing christmas ornaments

5. Taking Down an Artificial Tree

One of the biggest projects at the end of the season is disassembling the artificial Christmas tree. It typically has 3-4 sections.

After removing the ornaments:

  • Take down each section, beginning at the top.
  • Start with the smallest branches, compacting them toward the trunk.
  • Be extra careful with pre-lit trees to safeguard against breakage.

Then, place the tree back in the box it came in or in a tree storage bag. If you have reused the cardboard box many years, it has likely become worn and tattered. Replace it with a tree storage bag to prevent any dust and moisture from damaging the tree. Finally, store the tree in a dry place where it is unlikely to tip over.

Looking for More Tips?

As the holidays approach, you likely have other organizing questions. Reach out to us for more suggestions! We provide help at a pace that fits your schedule and can meet virtually too.