5 Smart Solutions to Organize Your Family Sports Gear

Although winter is upon us, there are many sports teams in full swing.  With that often comes chaos with so much gear to not only store and keep organized, but also to retrieve and return easily.  Here are 5 smart solutions to organize your family sports gear.

hockey storage lockersPick a spot

Choose a spot where all of the sports equipment in your house can fit, whether it is Dad’s golf clubs, your son’s football gear or your daughter’s baseball equipment. No one will waste time looking for something as you head out the door if it’s all in one place.

Storage pieces

Regardless of where you store your equipment you don’t need to spend a lot of money on storage pieces. Sturdy plastic shelving and bins will do the trick.

pallet sports equipmentI recently saw this and thought what an inexpensive and smart way to store hockey sticks, baseball clubs, lacrosse sticks and many other things without tripping over the fallen ones in the garage.

Balls galore

If you have a lot of balls that get used (soccer, football, volleyball, etc.) then there are a couple of good options. Hang netting from the ceiling and keep all of the balls inside the netting, again saving trip hazards over loose balls.

Or, use plastic containers the size of recycling totes that can be attached to the wall or placed on a shelf.

Hockey, eh?

Hockey equipment is probably the toughest challenge. It’s so easy to toss the equipment into a bag and forget about it until the next game. Have you ever smelled the inside of those duffel bags?

hockey rack drying treeGet those pads out of the bag and hung on the wall or on strong hangers to air them out and get the skates put away for airing out as well.

Socks, jerseys and the rest go straight into the wash but I’ll leave that challenge to you!


Footwear folly

Don’t forget the shoes and boots. All sports have their own special footwear and a wall mounted shelf or a multi tiered tray will contain all the shoes for the entire family and should be kept right next to the equipment.

However you decide to store your sports equipment you can store them inexpensively with a little imagination and handy work.

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